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Politics 07-12-2021

“The Future is in our hands: Our chance to shape the Conference on the Future of Europe” Opinion by Xabier Macias, President of Coppieters Foundation

Social movements and minority groups are at the periphery of the centres of power. The Conference on The Future of Europe offers a slim chance for those voices to be heard. We want to see Europe promoting greater social cohesion, women’s rights, climate justice, counter racism and the right to decide.
Future EU 06-12-2021

Civil society fear lack of inclusion and member states inaction in CoFoE

Civil society has raised concerns to EURACTIV over a lack of inclusivity and diversity in the Conference of the Future of Europe (CoFoE). Additionally, they say the conference is at risk of failure if member states do not follow citizens’...
Global Europe 06-04-2021

Jailed Kurdish leader calls on Turkish opposition to unite against Erdogan

Former pro-Kurdish party leader Selahattin Demirtaş, jailed since 2016 despite Western calls for his release, said the Turkish opposition should unite against rising oppression and moves to divide them, including a court case to ban his party.
Europe's East 01-12-2020

Budapest summons Ukrainian ambassador over ‘raids’ on ethnic Hungarian organisation

Hungary summoned the Ukrainian ambassador and accused its neighbor of intimidation on Monday (30 November) after Ukraine’s state security service (SBU) raided the offices of ethnic Hungarians, Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said.
Europe's East 27-05-2020

Ukraine is getting itself into US election troubles

Ukraine is losing friends: among other mistakes, by playing internal politics, the country’s President has taken sides in the US elections, which may be disastrous for the country in the future, writes Pavlo Fedykovych.
Central Europe 05-12-2019

Did Hungary turn to the Russian Duma for support against Ukraine?

Hungary has a deep controversy with Hungary over minority rights. In this context, a heated controversy has unfolded over reports that Budapest asked the Duma, the lower chamber of Russia's parliament, for joint efforts to uphold minority rights in Ukraine.
Languages & Culture 29-03-2018

EU citizens’ initiative demands protection for minority communities

There is still one week left to collect signatures for the European Citizen’s Initiative, which aims to introduce common EU standards to protect national minority groups. EURACTIV Poland’s media partner “Gazeta Wyborcza” reports.
Europe's East 27-10-2016

Crimean Tatars ‘worse off’ under Putin than Stalin

The leader of the Crimean tartars, who is up for the European Parliament's Sakharov prize, has said that his people are worse off under the Russian occupation than they were during the Soviet era. EURACTIV Spain reports.
Global Europe 10-03-2016

Tunisia must confirm its commitment to minority rights

Tunisia is a promising young democracy in many ways, but its penal code must be brought into line with its constitution to prevent the persecution of homosexuals, writes Ian Duncan.
Languages & Culture 13-04-2012

Lithuania snubs Poland over minority rights

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskait? has turned down an invitation to a regional summit in Poland after Warsaw protested the situation of the Polish minority in the Baltic state. EURACTIV Poland reports.
Enlargement 10-04-2012

Roma Day marked by racist clashes in Serbia

International Roma Day coincided with racist clashes in Belgrade over the relocation of Roma from a shanty town in central Belgrade to state-sponsored container camp in a suburb.
Enlargement 20-04-2011

Kurdish problem casts shadow over Turkish elections

Turkey's top court has decided to bar 12 candidates, including seven Kurds, one of whom is Sakharov Prize winner Leyla Zana, from running in June's general elections. The decision sparked violent protests and led the country's leading Kurdish political party to threaten to boycott the poll. The European Commission deplored the regression of democratic standards in Turkey.
Enlargement 21-01-2011

Parliament backs EU-Serbia pact, with strings attached

The European Parliament gave its green light on Wednesday (19 January) to an EU-Serbia Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA), but tied its support to a series of conditionalities.
Central Europe 04-10-2010

Centre-right scores ‘surprisingly well’ in Latvia elections

Latvia's prime minister began talks yesterday (3 October) on forming a new majority government after a strong election win kept the country on its IMF-led austerity path to eventual eurozone entry.
Languages & Culture 01-10-2010

Latvians vote in first post-crisis election

Latvia holds its first election tomorrow (2 October) since a severe economic crisis and the vote could determine whether the Baltic state sticks firmly to its IMF-led programme of austerity measures and eventual euro entry in 2014.