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Global Europe 07-11-2012

Obama II and Europe

With stratospheric popularity levels in Europe, Barack Obama - who won a second term last night - is expected to make a renewed commitment to energising the world economy by re-launching transatlantic trade relations, US analysts say. EURACTIV reports from Washington.
Global Europe 06-11-2012

Europe gets a low profile in US presidential duel

To listen to some political pundits, the outcome of the US election will not diminish the EU’s importance to Washington because “Europe matters”. But more conservative analysts think otherwise.
Global Europe 05-11-2012

US election: Europeans endorse Obama for a second term

If Europeans could vote tomorrow (6 November) in the US election, they would back President Barack Obama over challenger Mitt Romney, numerous polls have shown.
Global Europe 02-11-2012

Experts fear close US race could lead to votes recount, EU delay

With President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney continuing to run neck-and-neck in the US presidential race, analysts in Washington are seriously considering whether a recount on 7 November will be necessary. The consequence could be far-reaching for Europe, which is waiting until the US vote to take a decision on debt-laden Greece.
Global Europe 31-10-2012

Close US elections race makes expats ‘nervous’

Just days before US elections, American expatriates in Europe feel increasingly anxious about the neck-and-neck race between incumbent President Barack Obama - heavily favoured on this side of the Atlantic - and Republican contender Republican Mitt Romney.
Global Europe 29-10-2012

Hurricane Sandy disrupts US election

Hurricane Sandy blew the US presidential race off course over the weekend even before it came ashore, forcing Republican Mitt Romney to shift his campaign inland and fuelling fears that the massive storm bearing down on the East Coast could disrupt early voting.
Elections 04-10-2012

Romney, on the offensive, dominates first US debate

An aggressive Mitt Romney took the fight to President Barack Obama yesterday (3 October) and the Republican candidate appeared to breathe new life into his struggling campaign with a solid performance at their first debate.
Europe's East 01-08-2012

Romney in Warsaw: In remembrance of times gone by

The last leg of a world tour by US Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney took him to Warsaw yesterday (31 July). Romney’s trip highlighted the stereotypic view with which Poland and the US tend to view each other, and illustrated how these mutual images – redolent of the heady days when Poland passed from communist control – bring nostalgic comfort to both countries in a period of anxiety, writes Roderick Parkes.
Global Europe 03-01-2012

Republicans engage in Europe-bashing before Iowa scrum

Battling for attention ahead of their first election showdown, leading Republican presidential candidates have taken turns accusing one another and President Barack Obama of 'European socialism' and opposing further US financial help for the struggling eurozone.