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Energy 24-07-2020

Ericsson: 5G could ‘dramatically increase’ network energy consumption

It is the industry’s responsibility to roll-out the fifth generation (5G) of wireless communication networks without increasing energy consumption, Swedish telecoms giant Ericsson writes in a report outlining how this can be done. “Energy consumption is set to increase dramatically...
5G 30-04-2020

Croatian Presidency pushes for new Commission 5G and 6G action plan

The European Commission is under pressure to propose a revised Action Plan for 5G and 6G mobile telecommunications as a means to bolster the bloc's connectivity, according to a draft text from the Croatian Presidency of the EU seen by EURACTIV.
Cybersecurity 13-12-2018

Huawei $2 billion security pledge followed walkout by British official: sources

Huawei’s relations with British authorities hit a low last month when a top official walked out of a meeting with the Chinese company over its perceived failure to fix security holes in its products, sources familiar with the talks told Reuters.
Cybersecurity 29-03-2018

Cybersecurity agency warns of ‘extremely dangerous’ risks of 5G technology

Superfast 5G mobile networks come with “extremely dangerous” cybersecurity risks, the EU cybersecurity agency ENISA has warned. 5G is expected to become available to European consumers by 2025.
Cybersecurity 02-03-2018

EU cybersecurity boss eyes hardware as early target for certification plans

A draft bill to set up an EU system certifying the cybersecurity level of tech products is still trapped up in negotiations after the European Commission announced the overhaul last September.
Digital & Media 05-12-2017

Gabriel to present plan in May to slash mobile roaming fees with Western Balkans

Mariya Gabriel, the European Commissioner in charge of digital policies, will announce a plan to get rid of mobile fees between the EU and Western Balkan countries at a May 2018 summit in Bulgaria.
Digital & Media 26-09-2017

Europeans used phones more during first summer without roaming fees

The European Commission is claiming another victory after the first summer without mobile roaming fees inside the EU resulted in a surge of call and data use by travellers, according to a new Eurobarometer survey.
Digital & Media 25-08-2017

Member states reject Commission plan for 25-year spectrum licences

EU member states have rejected a European Commission proposal to extend licences for wireless radio spectrum to last at least 25 years—one of the cornerstones of the EU executive's new attempt to overhaul telecoms law.
Digital & Media 18-07-2017

MEPs and ministers hit back on EU plan for longer spectrum licenses

MEPs and national ministers are stripping down an EU proposal to change how wireless radio spectrum is sold to telecoms companies.
Digital & Media 15-06-2017

Mobile roaming fees disappear, but MEPs want more EU rules

European mobile phone contracts are required to charge domestic rates for calls, SMS and data use when users travel in the EU starting today (15 June), capping off a ten-year fight to get rid of roaming fees.
Digital & Media 02-12-2016

Ministers agree on ‘sustainably’ ending roaming charges

The Council agreed on a solution to end roaming fees in 2017, while lessening the impact on mobile operators. But consumer organisations warned against operators hiking domestic prices as compensation.
Digital & Media 17-06-2015

Commission hopes 5G will push EU spectrum policy

Upgrading broadband networks to 5G might be another opportunity to move on EU spectrum policy, according to a European Commission official.
Digital & Media 03-03-2015

Commissioners call for EU unity on roaming, spectrum

SPECIAL REPORT / European Commissioners responsible for digital affairs are jointly appealing to member states to stop resisting efforts to end surcharges for mobile roaming and spectrum harmonisation.
Digital & Media 30-09-2014

Governments lower roaming charges in Western Balkans

Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia signed an agreement in Budva on 29 September, reducing roaming prices based on the EU model. BETA/EURACTIV Serbia reports.
Le Premier ministre italien Matteo Renzi à Bruxelles mars 2014. [Palazzo Chigi/Flickr]
Digital & Media 09-06-2014

Italian Presidency vows telecoms reform by end of 2014

Italy’s incoming presidency of the EU will focus on adopting the entire telecoms reform by the end of the year and will avoid splitting the package to put aside the most controversial issues, a member of the Italian government told EURACTIV. 
Digital & Media 09-01-2013

Telecom firms reportedly in talks over pan-Europe network

Europe's top telecommunication companies are discussing the creation of a pan-European infrastructure network to unite the region's disjointed national markets, according to a newspaper report on Wednesday (9 January).
Digital & Media 04-09-2012

Commission asks telcos to share radio waves

The European Commission is pushing telecoms companies to share the radio frequencies they use for mobile and broadband services as space runs out for rapidly increasing Web use.
Digital & Media 16-03-2012

EU regulators say telecoms block Skype

Mobile telecom companies regularly block voice over IP (VoIP) and prevent services such as Skype from functioning on their networks, the group that represents EU telecom regulators (BEREC) says in the preliminary findings of a much-awaited report on internet neutrality.
Digital & Media 28-02-2012

Europe, US lag developing world in eHealth

Despite Europe´s huge broadband coverage and smartphone use compared to the developing world, the continent is lagging in eHealth solutions because costing models do not encourage innovation, the leading global telecoms conference heard yesterday (27 February).
Digital & Media 09-02-2012

Telecom firms unite against EU mobile price caps

In a rare show of unity, telecom firms large and small have rejected European Parliament plans to further lower price caps on mobile phone calls passed abroad – the so-called roaming regulation – saying it will squeeze out new competitors from the market.
Digital & Media 13-09-2011

Smartphone security below par, says EU agency

Smartphone security is not what it ought to be as popular apps are increasingly targeted by cyber attackers, according to a report by the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA).
Central Europe 02-08-2011

EU to sanction Bulgaria over inflated mobile prices

The European Commission has warned the Bulgarian telecommunications regulator to take measures against the inflated price of mobile calls, for which clients from the poorest EU country pay more than any other Europeans.
Digital & Media 04-07-2011

EU wants to end mobile roaming surcharges by 2014

The European Commission will resume its fight against mobile phone prices this week by proposing to cap voice, SMS and data roaming at levels similar to national tariffs by 2014. The move is expected to virtually end the price gap between national and cross-border mobile services, according to the proposals, obtained by EURACTIV.
Competition 27-09-2010

Brussels drops antitrust probes into Apple’s iPhone

EU antitrust regulators will scrap two investigations into Apple's iPhone after the company allowed cross-border repair services and eased restrictions on applications for its popular smartphone.