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Digital & Media 05-10-2017

Internet of things: Litmus test of the EU’s will to create a digital single market

The internet of things is at a crucial turning point. EU policymakers need to create the right environment to help it grow, write Brian Humphries and Joakim Reiter.
Digital & Media 10-04-2017

Europe’s digital union is stuck in Brussels

A draft EU telecoms law could cause major economic growth and create jobs, but there is a high risk it could be diluted by the Brussels compromise machine, write Steven Tas and Lise Fuhr.
Digital & Media 24-02-2017

Dreaming big can help reform gigabit society

Europe’s digital transformation will connect previously-isolated rural communities and create jobs in multiple sectors, as well as improving individual wellbeing through eHealth solutions and encouraging SMEs to flourish, writes Pierre Louette.
T-Mobile merged with Orange in the UK in 2010
Digital & Media 02-07-2015

When more doesn’t mean merrier: Why mobile mergers should cheer up consumers

Telecoms mergers drive investment. The European Commission needs to be balanced in how it regulates them, writes Afke Schaart.

New economy in Europe – reality or mirage?

New economy in Europe – reality or mirage? (6 December 2001) From a macroeconomic perspective the term ‘new economy’ describes a phenomenon of persistent strong and low-inflation growth due to the large diffusion of information and communication technologies (ICT). This...
Digital & Media 20-11-2001

3G – chance for take-off in mobile business

3G – chance for take-off in mobile business (16 November 2001) The internet and mobile telephony are set to merge increasingly thanks to UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System). It became clear early on that UMTS, also known as 3G (third-generation...