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  • Europe, US lag developing world in eHealth

    Special Report | News | Digital 28-02-2012

    Despite Europe´s huge broadband coverage and smartphone use compared to the developing world, the continent is lagging in eHealth solutions because costing models do not encourage innovation, the leading global telecoms conference heard yesterday (27 February).

  • Telecom firms unite against EU mobile price caps

    News | Digital 09-02-2012

    In a rare show of unity, telecom firms large and small have rejected European Parliament plans to further lower price caps on mobile phone calls passed abroad – the so-called roaming regulation – saying it will squeeze out new competitors from the market.

  • Smartphone security below par, says EU agency

    News | Digital 13-09-2011

    Smartphone security is not what it ought to be as popular apps are increasingly targeted by cyber attackers, according to a report by the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA).

  • EU to sanction Bulgaria over inflated mobile prices

    News | Central Europe 02-08-2011

    The European Commission has warned the Bulgarian telecommunications regulator to take measures against the inflated price of mobile calls, for which clients from the poorest EU country pay more than any other Europeans.

  • EU wants to end mobile roaming surcharges by 2014

    News | Digital 04-07-2011

    The European Commission will resume its fight against mobile phone prices this week by proposing to cap voice, SMS and data roaming at levels similar to national tariffs by 2014. The move is expected to virtually end the price gap between national and cross-border mobile services, according to the proposals, obtained by EURACTIV.

  • Brussels drops antitrust probes into Apple’s iPhone

    News | Competition 27-09-2010

    EU antitrust regulators will scrap two investigations into Apple's iPhone after the company allowed cross-border repair services and eased restrictions on applications for its popular smartphone.

  • Bulgarians carry several mobiles to cut expenses

    News | Central Europe 28-05-2010

    Bulgarian consumers, the poorest in the EU, often carry several mobile phones with subscriptions to different providers because their country has the highest interconnection fees in Europe for making calls from one network operator to another, a European Commission paper reveals.

  • EU battles industry plans to restrict Skype on mobile phones

    News | Competition 16-07-2009

    The European Commission is threatening to brandish the new roaming regulation or antitrust rules in order to block plans by major EU telecoms operators to restrict the use of Internet calling services like Skype via their mobile networks.

  • EU postpones mobile rate cuts to end 2012

    News | Digital 08-05-2009

    The European Commission yesterday (7 May) adopted a long-awaited recommendation on mobile termination rates, pushing back the deadline to reduce these wholesale charges across the EU to the end of 2012. Brussels reckons the measure will indirectly lower prices for consumers.

  • Parliament adopts new phone call price curbs

    News | Digital 23-04-2009

    Using a mobile phone to send text messages or surf the Web by laptop will become up to 60 percent cheaper while travelling in the European Union under price curbs adopted by the European Parliament yesterday (22 April).

  • EU threatens new legislation on universal mobile chargers

    News | Digital 26-03-2009

    Mobile phone companies have until the end of April to voluntarily standardise chargers or face new legislation to allow consumers to use the same charging device should they swap phones, the European Commission said yesterday (25 March).

  • Telecoms: EU seeks single-day change of operator rule

    News | Digital 24-03-2009

    EU Telecoms Commissioner Viviane Reding yesterday (23 March) announced that the EU executive intends to force telephone network operators to allow customers to switch networks within a day.

  • Inflated mobile prices prompt EU to legislate

    News | Competition 12-02-2009

    As the Bulgarian telecoms regulator drags its feet on bringing down mobile telephone rates, Brussels is preparing legislation that will require all national regulators to make mobile prices reflect costs better, a European Commission spokesperson told EURACTIV.

  • Commission caps SMS roaming price at 11 cents

    News | Digital 24-09-2008

    The European Commission proceeded with its plans to regulate tariffs in the mobile telecoms yesterday (23 September), deciding to impose price caps on text messages sent while abroad, as well as a range of regulatory measures to cut the price of mobile services for consumers.

  • Consumer groups warn of iPhone ‘bill shocks’

    News | Digital 01-09-2008

    As smartphones become more affordable and their use spreads across Europe, citizens surfing the Internet on their mobile handsets abroad are at increased risk of unexpected rocketing phone bills, warns European consumer organisation BEUC.

  • EU declares war on per-minute phone tariffs

    News | Digital 29-08-2008

    The European Commission is considering imposing per-second tariffs for mobile phone calls across the EU in a bid to bring down costs for consumers and boost its popularity levels. As of 30 August, Brussels will also reduce the price ceiling imposed on roaming calls, while new caps on text messages are expected too.

  • EU clamps down on mobile ringtone scams

    News | Digital 18-07-2008

    The Commission has warned it could take legal action against European websites selling mobile phone services such as ringtones and wallpapers after an investigation carried out in June revealed that the vast majority are in breach of EU rules and deliberately mislead their customers.

  • EU to cut cross-border SMS prices by 70%

    News | Digital 15-07-2008

    Text messages sent abroad will cost around 70% less by summer 2009, according to plans EU Information Society Commissioner Viviane Reding will outline today. But the move was labelled "populist" by mobile telecoms operators, EURACTIV has learned.

  • New deal brings EU mobile phone payments closer

    News | Euro & Finance 02-07-2008

    Using a mobile phone to make direct payments could become the norm in Europe following cooperation announced between the GSM Association (GSMA), which brings together the world's major mobile operators, and the European Payment Council (EPC), the body representing the EU banking sector.

  • Telecoms sector shaken by planned EU mobile fee cuts

    News | Competition 27-06-2008

    Consumers welcomed Commission proposals, launched yesterday (26 June), to slash mobile termination rates, which they consider to be pushing up their phone bills. But large mobile operators reacted angrily, saying recent EU regulatory measures are at the root of a drop in investment. A study highlighting this is due to be published next week, EURACTIV has learned.

  • Commission eyes big revenue cuts for mobile operators

    News | Competition 25-06-2008

    The European Commission will announce in the coming days a plan aimed at cutting by 70% in three years the wholesale charges imposed by mobile operators to manage phone calls received from other companies, so-called 'mobile termination rates'. The move is expected to have a major impact on mobile operators' revenues.

  • Commission to impose cuts in SMS roaming prices

    News | Digital 13-06-2008

    Price decreases for cross-border text messaging (SMS) announced by mobile phone operators are considered disappointing by the EU's Information Society Commissioner Viviane Reding, who announced she is ready to impose price cuts after the 1 July deadline "unless a miracle happens".

  • Telecom groups battle SMS price caps

    News | Digital 08-05-2008

    EU telecom operators said they will not comply with the Commission's 1 July deadline to lower the prices of mobile data services across borders, such as text messaging and Internet surfing, labelling the proposed price caps "absurd".

  • Mobile operators told to cut SMS roaming charges

    News | Digital 12-02-2008

    The cost of text messaging and mobile internet use abroad must be significantly lowered by 1 July 2008 or the EU will have to introduce a mandatory price cap, warned Viviane Reding, the EU's telecoms commissioner.