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Digital & Media 31-07-2014

European regulators training sights on Google’s mobile software

European regulators are preparing what could be a stern challenge to Google's mobile software business in the coming months after a nearly four-year investigation into the company's web search practices left rivals and European politicians dissatisfied.
Transport 17-06-2013

EU mobile tech scheme will prompt connected cars revolution

The European Commission’s proposed regulation to fit new passenger cars and light vehicles with eCall - a form of embedded mobile technology - will not only save lives but revolutionise Europe’s car and mobile technology industries in the process, writes Francesca Forestieri.
Digital & Media 08-02-2013

App makers unhappy at prospect of tighter data privacy rules

Europe’s burgeoning app manufacturers are braced for imminent new guidance on data privacy that could cover features often essential to some applications such as geolocation.

Should teachers bring ICT into the classroom?

Education experts and lawmakers gathered this week in Brussels at the invitation of US software giant Microsoft to debate the role that information and communication technologies (ICT) should play in education.

Mobile, ICT sectors call for EU data privacy reform

The EU needs to tackle discrepancies between the proposed Data Protection Regulation and the 2002 ePrivacy Directive because they could create inconsistent privacy experiences and rights for consumers, say trade organisations representing the mobile and ICT sectors.
Digital & Media 29-02-2012

EU Parliament votes to lower roaming tariffs

The European Parliament yesterday (28 February) gave its first green light to the roaming overhaul, reducing the price caps on cross-border mobile telephone services.
Health 05-01-2011

Common mobile phone charger to hit EU shelves

A universal charger for phones that can be connected to a computer is expected to reach European consumers in the coming weeks, as new harmonised standards are now available for major mobile phone producers, the European Commission has announced.
Trade & Society 07-07-2009

Deal opens EU market to foreign-made smartphones

Under strong pressure from Scandinavian member states, the European Commission has decided to abandon plans to introduce EU-wide duties on the latest generation of mobile phones, embedded with GPS readers and TVs. Manufacturers and consumers welcomed the deal, which is likely to favour further relocation outside Europe of the EU telecoms industry.
Digital & Media 30-06-2009

EU industry commits to universal mobile phone charger

Europe's major mobile phone manufacturers have agreed to adopt a universal charger for handsets sold in the EU from 2010. The deal is expected to please consumers and reduce pollution, but is limited to data-enabled handsets, which at the moment represent only a quarter of the market.
Competition 28-04-2009

New EU deal to cut mobile rates by July 2012

The European Commission will next week adopt a long-awaited recommendation on mobile termination rates, EURACTIV has learned. The text will set July 2012 as a compromise deadline to slash these wholesale charges, with an expected indirect benefit for consumers.
Digital & Media 23-04-2009

Parliament adopts new phone call price curbs

Using a mobile phone to send text messages or surf the Web by laptop will become up to 60 percent cheaper while travelling in the European Union under price curbs adopted by the European Parliament yesterday (22 April).
Digital & Media 26-03-2009

EU threatens new legislation on universal mobile chargers

Mobile phone companies have until the end of April to voluntarily standardise chargers or face new legislation to allow consumers to use the same charging device should they swap phones, the European Commission said yesterday (25 March).
Digital & Media 19-02-2009

Reding sets 2012 deadline for mobile call price cuts

Despite opposition from a majority of EU member states, Information Society Commissioner Viviane Reding is set to move forward with plans to significantly cut the revenues of mobile telecoms operators by February 2012, EURACTIV has learned.
Digital & Media 10-02-2009

Commission ‘cheerleader’ for NGNs, says ETNO

The European Commission is playing the role of a "big cheerleader" for Next Generation Networks (NGNs), delaying their deployment while proposing cuts in mobile termination rates that are likely to severely affect the telecoms sector, Michael Bartholomew, director of the association which brings together the main European operators (ETNO), told EURACTIV in an interview.
Digital & Media 04-02-2009

EU eyes mobile revenues to fund fibre investment

The European Commission is set to ask national telecoms authorities to slash the wholesale fees operators charge one another for mobile calls or text messages (SMS) as a means of supporting investment in optical fibre networks, which underpin the high-speed Internet.
Competition 29-05-2008

Regulator warns of mobile Internet privacy concerns

Searching on the Internet via a mobile phone poses higher privacy-related concerns than traditional computer-based queries, according to the Italian authority for the protection of personal data.
Digital & Media 15-05-2008

Yahoo!: Aiming for mobile Internet leadership

More relevant search, targeted advertising and attention to privacy: this is how Yahoo! intends to become the leader in the growing mobile Internet services market. Geraldine Wilson, vice president of Yahoo! Europe's Connected Life division, spoke to EURACTIV in an exclusive interview ahead of the FT Business of Mobile Conference.
Digital & Media 15-05-2008

Interview: Mobile Internet ‘will overtake PCs’ by 2016

Surfing the Web on a personal computer will become old-fashioned in less than ten years when the majority of Internet users are expected to access the Net through their mobile handsets, Geraldine Wilson, vice president of Yahoo! Europe Connected Life, told EURACTIV in an interview.
Digital & Media 30-11-2007

Mobile TV one step closer after Council vote

Swift EU-wide deployment of mobile TV services is a step closer to reality after the Council endorsed a Commission package designed to help increase their take-up by European consumers.
Digital & Media 13-04-2007

MEPs back cheaper international mobile fees

A key committee in the Parliament backed a proposal, on 12 April, to slash costs for mobile phone customers using their handsets in other EU countries and to make the cheaper rates apply automatically to all users.
Digital & Media 21-02-2007

Mobile operators deceitful on charges, says EU consumer group

Mobile phone operators could easily afford to lower roaming charges to less than what the Commission is asking for, but are engaged in large-scale collusion to keep prices up, according to BEUC, Europe’s consumer watchdog.
Digital & Media 27-08-2006

European households go wireless

Mobile phones and high-speed wireless internet are on the way up in European households.  
Digital & Media 05-07-2006

Reding comes under internal pressure on roaming charges

Information Society Commissioner Viviane Reding is being pressed by fellow commissioners to water down her proposal to regulate the fees mobile phone users have to pay when placing or receiving a call abroad.
Digital & Media 09-03-2006

Mobile TV will drive IT market, Reding says

Information Society Commissioner Viviane Reding has predicted that television on mobile devices will be the next big thing in consumer electronics.