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Future of mobility 29-06-2017

Does car sharing really reduce car use?

Concerns that sharing schemes do not deliver a net reduction in car use are not supported by evidence, writes Greg Archer. Now, digitisation and the sharing economy provide an opportunity to reduce the number of vehicles in our cities even further, he contends.
Railways 31-03-2017

The end of multimodal transport?

As the EU moves into the era of "smart mobility", Dan Wolff wonders whatever happened to the idea of multimodal transport. Just because road freight innovates faster than other transport modes doesn't mean policymakers should give up on multimodality, he argues.
Climate change 17-12-2015

‘Significant behaviour shifts’ needed to cut transport emissions

Reaching the European emissions reduction targets will require citizens to change their driving habits and embrace alternative modes of transport, according to a new report by the EAA. Our partner Journal de l'Environnement reports
Transport 14-07-2006

Commission looks to boost short-sea-shipping

Short-Sea-Shipping remains a key area for dealing with Europe’s traffic congestion and environmental problems. 
Transport 29-06-2006

Commission favours logistics as path towards sustainable transport

Advanced logistics solutions have a vital part to play in promoting Europe’s mobility, sustainability and competitiveness goals, the Commission states in its Communication on freight transport logistics.
Transport 18-01-2006

EU action plan seeks to shift freight to rivers

The new NAIADES programme will try to foster inland waterway transport as an environmentally-friendly alternative to road freight. The action plan will tackle the sector's poor image and infrastructure problems.
Transport 13-07-2005

Ari Vatanen slams “utopian” EU transport policy

The Finn rally driver and MEP has launched a methodical attack on EU plans to promote alternatives to road transport for being too costly, inefficient and disconnected from reality.
Transport 04-07-2003

Marco Polo Programme: EP agrees totally with Council’s common position

On 3 July, MEPs agreed to accept without amendments the Council's common position on the Marco Polo Programme which promotes transport intermodality. The thresholds for funding projects to reduce pressure on the European road networks are reduced in order to allow funding for smaller innovative projects.
Transport 11-12-2002

Council sets financial framework for Marco Polo programme

On 6 December, the Transport Council reached a political agreement on the Marco Polo programme, a financing instrument aimed at encouraging the modal shift in freight transport.
Transport 04-12-2002

Last Transport Council under Danish presidency faces high expectations

The Transport Council of 5-6 December is to discuss maritime safety, air transport, heavy goods transport through Austria, the revitalisation of the EU's railways and the integration of environmental into transport policy. It is the last meeting of Transport ministers under the Danish presidency.
Transport 03-12-2002

Parliament demands major changes in Transport White Paper

On 28 November, the EP's Transport Committee adopted its report on the Commission's White Paper on Transport Policy. It calls on the Commission to reconsider substantial parts of the document.