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EU urges markets to ‘keep calm’ as carbon price hits €60 record

A senior European Commission official insisted on delivering “a message of calm” during a EURACTIV event on Thursday (2 September), as CO2 prices rose for the first time above the €60 threshold on the EU carbon market.
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Energy 06-07-2021

How can the EU ETS reform foster green transition in Central and Eastern Europe?

Next week, the European Commission is to unveil its long-awaited ‘Fit for 55 Package’ aiming to align several policies with the increased emission reduction target of at least 55%. The revision of the EU ETS Directive, a cornerstone of the...
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Is the EU ETS getting it right?

The EU ETS is our main climate policy tool that allows for emission reductions and it has been a solid pillar of EU climate policy. One of the things we are constantly told is that you will be rewarded for...