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Global Europe 19-09-2016

EU slams Egypt over NGO clampdown

An Egyptian court froze assets of five prominent human rights defenders and three non-governmental organisations on Saturday (17 September), provoking fears of an intensified crackdown on civil society.
Woman protesting on Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt [UN Women Rights/Flickr]
Global Europe 27-06-2014

EU will struggle to engage in Egypt

Egypt today is looking disturbingly similar to the country during its 'Mubarak years'. But does the EU have the influence and tools to counter this? Lisa Watanabe
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Global Europe 22-08-2013

EU suspends arms sales, maintains aid programmes in Egypt

EU foreign affairs ministers agreed on Wednesday to suspend export licences for any equipment that could be used for 'internal repression' in Egypt, but fell short of a full arms embargo. The move comes after a crackdown by Egyptian security forces on supporters of deposed President Morsi, which resulted in over 900 deaths last week in Cairo.
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Global Europe 30-07-2013

Ousted Egyptian president Morsi is ‘well’, says EU’s Ashton

EU Foreign Affairs chief Catherine Ashton told reporters on Tuesday in Cairo that deposed Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi is 'well' but she does not know where he is being held. In her second visit to Egypt in 12 days, Ashton flew to an undisclosed location to meet the ousted president, where they had a 2 hour conversation. Ashton, however, refused to give details of the discussions. 'He is well, we had a frank and open discussion for the two hours I saw him. And I saw where he was, I don't know where he is but I saw the facility he has'.
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Egypt: EU tops in non-military aid
Development Policy 09-07-2013

Egypt: EU tops in non-military aid

The European Union is the largest of contributor of development assistance to Egypt, where a military-backed interim government ousted the country’s first democratically elected leader, Mohammed Morsi, on 3 July. After days of bloody unrest, there was no sign that the country's benefactors were prepared to reduce aid.