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Enlargement 20-11-2017

Bulgaria’s Simeon: Time to leave a mark after so many years of isolation

In an exclusive interview in his Vrana Palace near Sofia on 17 November 2017, Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha shared his thoughts on the upcoming Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU. A version of this interview on the website BulgarianPresidency.eu contains the original transcript in Bulgarian.
Languages & Culture 28-06-2016

‘I’m still alive’ jokes Queen Elizabeth on Northern Ireland visit

"I'm still alive," quipped the British monarch Queen Elizabeth yesterday (27 June) when asked about her health, in her first round of public engagements since Britain voted to leave the European Union.
Brexit 18-05-2016

Watchdog condemns Sun’s misleading ‘Queen Backs Brexit’ headline

Britain's press regulator ruled Wednesday (18 May) that The Sun newspaper was "misleading" in suggesting that Queen Elizabeth II backs leaving the EU in next month's referendum - although the tabloid stood by its story.

Romania: The discreet tonic of monarchy

Newspapers in Romania have reported that Prince Nicholas, grandson of King Michael, will move his residency from England to Romania. His return may well show that people's appetite for monarchy has never been lost, says Ovidiu Nahoi.
Med & South 21-04-2011

Heir to Libyan throne under Brussels spotlight

Libya's exiled Crown Prince Mohammed El Senussi made a high-profile appearance in the European Parliament yesterday (20 April). He presented himself as a constitutionalist and lobbied for his country's 1951 monarchic constitution to provide the building blocks of the future Libya.

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