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EU Elections 2019 23-11-2018

After successes in Germany and Belgium, Greens set eyes on Italy

After Green parties unexpectedly surged in Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium last month, the movement is now preparing a bid to fill the political vacuum surrounding environmental issues in Italy. But their electoral ambitions are modest, European Greens co-chair Monica Frassoni told EURACTIV in an interview.
Future EU 10-02-2017

Progressives accuse Merkel of pushing a North-South divide

Europe needs a radical change of its austerity-driven policies and not multiple speeds as Germany’s Angela Merkel suggests, high-ranking Social-Democrat, Green and leftist officials told Euractiv.com.
Global Europe 24-10-2016

The Brief: Brussels Bubble’s Belgium-bashing is rude and revolting

It’s time for the Brussels Bubble to stop the Belgium-bashing. The latest outbreak of this unsightly epidemic came last week, after the Walloons blocked the CETA trade agreement with Canada.
Energy 03-06-2016

Commission rapped for ‘cheating’ on energy efficiency finance

MEP Claude Turmes (Greens, Luxembourg), sharply criticised the European Commission for disregarding social aspects in energy efficiency and for not providing technical assistance for such projects.
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Energy efficiency 2016: The year of delivery?
Energy 02-06-2016

Energy efficiency 2016: The year of delivery?

The European Commission is preparing a make-or- break “year of delivery” on its flagship Energy Union strategy, with a steady stream of proposals expected in 2016.
EU Primary elections 2019
Future EU 22-03-2016

Financing the EU primary elections 2019

Leading EU think tanks and European Political Parties came together to present their ideas regarding the financing of the European primary elections ahead of the next round in 2019.
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Energy 01-11-2014

Energy Efficiency in Non-residential Buildings

The Energy Efficiency Communication, released by the European Commission earlier this year, proposed a new energy efficiency target of 30% for 2030, a figure that has caused some debate among stakeholders. EU Member States have already signed up to a voluntary objective of reducing the EU's primary energy use by 20% by 2020, measured against 2005 levels.
Energy 27-06-2014

Why is our energy efficiency discussion so unambitious?

The European Commission seems fixed on an unambitious energy efficiency strategy, despite member state protests and the consequences for growth, security, jobs and emissions.  It is not too late to change path, writes Monica Frassoni.
Energy 04-02-2014

MEPs’ 2030 vote should be based on fact, not fiction

The real competitiveness of Europe’s industry depends on reducing energy intensity levels, not killing investment in the green collar jobs of tomorrow, argues Monica Frassoni.

Is Barroso dodging the climate fight?

The message that European Commission President José Manuel Barroso delivered yesterday (8 December) to French media regarding the possibility of a non-binding agreement emerging from Copenhagen sends a troubling signal to activists and negotiators aiming to broker a compromise solution in the ongoing climate talks, argues Monica Frassoni, spokesperson of the European Green Party, in a Blogactiv post.
Development Policy 10-11-2009

Can Europe Lead The Copenhagen Negotiations?

The EU is simply not strong enough to push the world towards an ambitious agreement, writes Monica Frassoni, Spokesperson of the European Green Party, in a November post on Blogactiv.
EU Priorities 2020 31-07-2008

Frassoni: European elections need ‘a big fight’

Parties need to base next year’s June European elections on real pan-European issues, and give each other “a big fight” to re-engage apathetic voters, Italian MEP Monica Frassoni, co-president of the Greens in Parliament told EURACTIV in an interview.