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Monique Goyens
Agrifood 11-06-2015

Goyens: EU law on animal cloning ‘falls short of consumers expectations’

Food from cloned animals has ‘novel food’ status at EU level, and requires approval before being allowed onto the market. But the EU legislation needs to be more transparent by covering also food from the descendants of clones, with a traceability system for imports of cloned animals embryos and semen, says Monique Goyens.
Health 07-02-2014

Goyens: ‘The EU food system must urgently be strengthened’

On the one year anniversary of the horsemeat scandal, a similar food fraud scandal can easily happen in the EU as the financial penalties for fraud are small and because the Commission does not want mandatory origin labelling for meat in processed meals, says Monique Goyens.
Trade & Society 30-10-2013

Goyens: Longstanding standards not a bargaining chip in EU-US trade talks

Consumer protection is not a barrier to trade and longstanding standards are not a bargaining chip in a transatlantic give and take exercise, said consumers' chief, Monique Goyens, in an interview with EURACTIV.
EU Priorities 2020 30-04-2009

BEUC: ‘We’re asking MEPs to sign up to consumer pledge’

Getting citizens to vote in the European elections should not be a gruelling task, according to Monique Goyens, director-general of BEUC, the EU consumer organisation. In an interview with EURACTIV, she explained how a proposed “consumer pact” could re-connect voters to Europe.