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Agrifood 30-01-2020

New tool for assessing soil health could help link payments with ecosystem services

A UK farming technology company has teamed up with leading space industry engineers and soil biologists to create a new tool to accurately assess biodiversity and soil health on farms.

Scientists, space agencies race to be the first ‘climate cop’

Scientists from the United States, Japan, and China are racing to perfect satellite technology that could one day measure greenhouse gas emissions from space, potentially transforming the winner into the world's first climate cop.
Central Europe 30-01-2015

Romanian leaders endorse the Commission’s monitoring report conclusions

The new European Commission report on Romania’s law enforcement reforms has been well-received in Bucharest, as it confirms the progress made in the government's fight against corruption. EURACTIV Romania reports.

Sofia relieved by EU monitoring report

The European Commission published yesterday (28 January) its annual reports on Bulgaria and Romania, the two countries being monitored in an effort to help improve their deficient law-enforcement systems. Bulgaria expected a harsh report, but the Commission spared it criticism.
Central Europe 27-11-2014

High profile Romanian arrest bodes well ahead of monitoring report

The high-profile arrest at the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism is expected to influence an upcoming monitoring report, which may open the doors to Romania’s Schengen accession. EURACTIV Romania reports.

Brussels turns the page on Romania’s ‘annus horribilis’

The European Commission’s report on Romania, due to be published today (30 January), appears to turn the page of an extremely difficult 2012 year for EU-Romania relations, according to an advance copy seen by EURACTIV.
Health 12-09-2012

EU to get better safety monitoring of dangerous drugs

The potentially harmful effects of medicinal products will be better monitored in the future as changes to existing EU legislation, adopted yesterday (11 September), tighten up the European system. Problems with medical products in any member state will also  be evaluated.
Security 16-09-2005

EU hails launch of Aceh monitoring mission

On 15 September, the EU launched its first monitoring mission in Asia. The aim is to maintain peace and help post-tsunami reconstructions in Indonesia's Banda Aceh province.

Discovery in monitoring major climatic events

Satellite monitoring of the nature, state and evolution of Earth's vegetation will help scientist to determine the impact of major climatic events.  
EU Priorities 2020 27-05-2003

Commission publishes first job competitions for future EU members

The Commission has published the first competitions to select official from the 10 future EU Member States as assistant administrators, assistant translators and secretaries. Vice-President of the Commission Neil Kinnock, responsible for administrative reform, told the ministries responsible for public administration from the 10 future members that their officials would be recruited after their accession to the EU, due on 1 May 2004.
Enlargement 26-05-2003

Future EU members lag behind in preparations, Commission report confirms

The second Commission monitoring report on the progress achieved by the future EU Member States in meeting their commitments shows continued slippage and calls for urgent attention to problem areas. The report states that the number of cases which require particular efforts has increased slightly in comparison to the last report, issued in February.
Enlargement 12-03-2003

Nine candidates receive warnings for delays in meeting accession commitments

The Commission has delivered its first monitoring report on the 10 future EU members, warning all but Slovenia that they are lagging behind their accession commitments.