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Enlargement 22-11-2022

Mafia networks with significant impact on Western Balkans’ governance: EU agency

Criminal networks in the Western Balkans have become key actors in both regional and European Union drug markets, a report by the bloc's drugs agency (EMCDDA) said on Monday (21 November).

Council to negotiate increasing EU border agency’s presence in Western Balkans

The European Council announced on Friday (18 November) that it has green-lit negotiations on increasing the presence of Frontex, the EU border agency, in Albania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.
Enlargement 18-11-2022

Djukanovic supporters rally in Montenegro calling for early election

Several thousand people rallied in Montenegro's capital on Thursday (17 November) calling for a snap election and the withdrawal of a controversial law that curbed presidential powers amid a deep political crisis in the Balkan nation.
Global Europe 29-09-2022

Montenegro investigates Russians, Montenegrins on suspicion of spying

Authorities in Montenegro have launched an investigation against an unspecified number of people on charges of espionage, a spokesman for the Special State Prosecutor's office said on Thursday (29 September).
Global Europe 28-08-2022

Cyberattack hits Montenegro government, defence minister points at Russia

A major cyberattack has targeted government institutions in Montenegro, Prime Minister Dritan Abazovic announced, with Russia the chief suspect.
Enlargement 20-08-2022

Montenegro’s parliament passes no-confidence motion on cabinet

Montenegro's parliament passed a no-confidence motion on the cabinet of Prime Minister Dritan Abazovic on Saturday (20 August), proposed by 36 deputies to protest the signing of a long-disputed deal regulating ties with the powerful Serbian Orthodox Church.

Eleven dead after mass shooting in Montenegrin city

Eleven people including two children were shot dead in Montenegro on Friday (12 August) evening in the deadliest mass shooting the Western Balkan country has ever experienced.
Enlargement 16-06-2022

Western Balkan hopefuls hope to ride on Ukraine’s train to membership

Three of the four Western Balkan EU candidates have signed a joint statement with Ukraine in support of its EU candidacy, in a signal that fast-tracking the war-torn eastern country would not mess up their own slow-moving EU integration but...
Enlargement 06-06-2022

Lavrov cancels Serbia trip after neighbours close airspace

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was forced to cancel a visit to Serbia on Monday (6 June) after several of its neighbours prevented his plane from passing through their airspace, officials said.
Global Europe 05-04-2022

Putin and the EU: he – snake, we – frog

Putin’s blunder in Ukraine was that he compressed steps that normally take one full year into a mere 24 hours, and it is not clear what prompted him to behave in such an unusual manner, writes Evgenii Dainov.
Enlargement 30-12-2021

2022: Enlargement on life support

Enlargement is stalled, and EU governments can barely agree on a common strategy to bring in the six membership hopefuls -- Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, and North Macedonia.
Enlargement 29-10-2021

Montenegro minister: I agree we still need Western monitoring, guidance

In an interview with EURACTIV, Montenegro's Interior Minister Sergej Sekulović discussed Western partners' concerns about how reliable the new Montenegrin government is, the 2016 alleged coup attempt, the difficult relations with Serbia, and the latest European Commission report on the country's accession process.
Enlargement 20-10-2021

EU candidate Serbia misaligned with EU foreign policy, Commission says

In its annual report monitoring Serbia's progress toward EU accession, the European Commission highlighted Belgrade's significant misalignment with EU foreign and security policy.
Global Europe 31-08-2021

EU removes US, Western Balkan countries from COVID safe list for non-essential travel

The European Union on Monday (30 August) recommended that its member states reimpose travel restrictions on US tourists over rising covid infections in the country.
China 22-07-2021

Montenegro starts paying off $1 billion Chinese road loan

Montenegro paid the first instalment of a billion-dollar road loan from China that critics say could wreck the Balkan nation's economy.
Enlargement 15-07-2021

Political scientists say EU has lost the battle for the Balkans

The EU has lost the battle for the Balkans, where Russia and China are offering bonuses without asking for reforms, geopolitical experts told an online conference organised by EURACTIV.bg this week, proposing increased cooperation and a Balkan common market as the best way forward.
Media 11-06-2021

Campaign group flags judicial interference in journalist cases in Serbia and Montenegro

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) flagged on Friday (11 June) two instances where key judiciary figures interfered with legal proceedings in cases involving two investigative journalists in Serbia and Montenegro.
China 02-06-2021

Montenegro learns true cost of China-backed $1 billion road to nowhere

Two sleek new roads vanish into mountain tunnels high above a sleepy Montenegrin village, the unlikely endpoint of a billion-dollar project bankrolled by China that is threatening to derail the tiny country's economy.
China 16-04-2021

Montenegro tries to cool EU row over $1 billion China road

Montenegro's finance minister on Friday (16 April) tried to ease concern over a near $1 billion Chinese-backed road project, insisting the country could afford to repay the debt and did not need EU help.
Enlargement 11-03-2021

Bring Western Balkans back on the agenda, urge nine EU member states

Nine EU member states have called on the EU’s chief diplomat, Joseph Borrell, to have a strategic discussion on the Western Balkan countries and their prospects when EU foreign ministers meet in April, according to a letter made available to...
Enlargement 10-03-2021

Montenegro appeals to EU, NATO for medical staff to help it fight COVID-19

Montenegro appealed to the European Union and NATO to send it medical workers to help exhausted health services battle a surge in the COVID-19 pandemic in the tiny Adriatic nation, its leading newspaper reported on Wednesday (10 March).
Enlargement 05-02-2021

Majority of French still against Balkans’ EU integration

Some 59% of French citizens do not see the prospect of the Western Balkans countries' EU accession in a positive light, a new study has found. But it also revealed increasing mistrust toward the bloc overall.
Ukraine 20-01-2021

Montenegro FM: ‘Zero problem doctrine’ for the Western Balkans

Montenegro will be pursuing a "zero problem doctrine" with its neighbours, while EU accession remains its main priority, Djordje Radulović, the country's new foreign minister, told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview only weeks after the EU hopeful saw its first democratic change of power in 30 years.
Enlargement 07-01-2021

EU enlargement in 2021: Moribund or revenant?

In the Western Balkans, where all EU applicant countries (bar Turkey) are located, the year ahead will be dominated by Europe's quest for a vaccine and efforts to restart the economy in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.