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Enlargement 29-10-2021

Montenegro minister: I agree we still need Western monitoring, guidance

In an interview with EURACTIV, Montenegro's Interior Minister Sergej Sekulović discussed Western partners' concerns about how reliable the new Montenegrin government is, the 2016 alleged coup attempt, the difficult relations with Serbia, and the latest European Commission report on the country's accession process.
Ukraine 20-01-2021

Montenegro FM: ‘Zero problem doctrine’ for the Western Balkans

Montenegro will be pursuing a "zero problem doctrine" with its neighbours, while EU accession remains its main priority, Djordje Radulović, the country's new foreign minister, told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview only weeks after the EU hopeful saw its first democratic change of power in 30 years.
Enlargement 20-05-2019

Montenegro PM: ‘We are looking for a new opportunity with the EU’

EU membership candidate Montenegro is carrying "a heavy legacy, plagued with low standards and weak institutions", but it has already made progress and its EU orientation is "clear and strong", its prime minister told EURACTIV Germany in an interview.
Global Europe 03-04-2017

Albanian foreign minister: New Balkan alliances oppose tribunals

In a wide-ranging interview, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Albania Ditmir Bushati explained the political situation in his country, the so-called ‘Tirana platform’ that has raised eyebrows in Macedonia, Balkan geopolitics and the need for the EU to do more for the six candidate countries.
Med & South 03-12-2015

Montenegro: We can play a disproportionately large role in NATO

On the day NATO invited the Western Balkan country of Montenegro to join the military alliance, EURACTIV spoke to its Defence Minister, Milica Pejanovi?-?uriši?, in Brussels.
Enlargement 11-12-2013

Montenegro is a ‘problem-free’ EU candidate

Unlike other countries such as Macedonia or Serbia which have problems with their neighbours, Montenegro has no “political issues” to solve and should be able safely to consider itself the next EU member, the country’s chief negotiator Andrija Pejovi? told EURACTIV Germany in an exclusive interview.
Enlargement 13-08-2012

Füle: Enlargement brings ‘positive news’ in times of crisis

Even in times of crisis, nine European countries strive to join the EU. It would be an “enormous mistake” if the Union would lose interest in expansion, Štefan Füle told EURACTIV Czech Republic in an exclusive interview.
Enlargement 10-06-2010

Diplomat: Montenegro had to ‘regain’ independence for EU future

Although many of its citizens still feel very strong ties to Serbia and the former Yugoslavia, Montenegro had to ''regain'' independence in order to preserve its European future, Vladimir Radulovi?, the ambassador of Montenegro to Germany, told EURACTIV.de in an interview.
Enlargement 09-06-2010

Expert: Euro helped Montenegro achieve stability

Since its declaration of independence in 2006, Montenegro has made considerable progress towards EU integration and the country's use of the euro has helped it become economically stable and attractive to investors, Zden?k Sychra, a European studies expert at Masaryk University, told EURACTIV Czech Republic in an interview.
Enlargement 19-05-2010

EP rapporteur: Montenegro should start accession talks in 2011

Montenegro has submitted answers to a European Commission questionnaire on its readiness to join the EU and could realistically expect to start accession negotiations next year, Conservative MEP Charles Tannock (UK, ECR) told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Enlargement 25-01-2010

Professor: ‘Serbia’s past is hindering its future’

Defining responsibility for war crimes and genuinely confronting its recent past will help Serbia to clear the way for EU accession, Miroljub Radojkovi?, professor of journalism at the University of Belgrade, told EURACTIV in an interview.