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Climate change 09-11-2020

EU seeks to phase out planet-warming refrigerants

The EU’s legislation on fluorinated gases, adopted in 2014, needs an overhaul “to increase ambition in line with the European Green Deal” and “better prevent” an ongoing surge of illegal imports coming from China, an EU official told EURACTIV.

Mysterious source of ozone-killing emissions tracked to China

A mysterious surge in emissions of an illegal ozone-destroying chemical has been tracked down to plastic foam manufacturers in China, according to an on-the-ground investigation published on Monday. EURACTIV's partner The Guardian reports.
Circular economy 05-07-2018

Plastic pollution is solvable without global treaty, says UN environment boss

Plastic pollution and waste has moved more and more into the political and public spotlight over the past year, thanks to large-scale efforts by both the EU and UN. But doubts still remain about whether that is enough to make our economy truly circular.
Energy 15-03-2018

An inefficient truth

It’s time for the G20 to give energy efficiency the respect it deserves, writes Rachel Kyte.
Climate change 18-09-2017

Trump told that Paris Agreement is ‘irreversible and non-negotiable’

The terms of the Paris Agreement are set in stone, the EU, China and Canada agreed at a summit in Montreal this weekend, while Washington was forced to deny that the US is planning to stay in the accord.
Climate change 17-10-2016

HFC deal big step in fighting climate change

They went to Kigali, Rwanda, to eliminate hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) and take 0.5C out of future global warming, and the 170 countries that successfully negotiated an amendment to the Montreal protocol treaty agreed to get rid of 90% of them. Not bad for four days and three long nights of hard work.
[NASA Goddard Space Flight Center/Flickr]

Gulf states resist EU-led cuts to ozone-depleting refrigerant

The EU has released its first quotas for HFCs as part of a plan to phase out the refrigeration gasses. There is broad global consensus on the subject, but oil-producing countries in the Gulf region are holding up an international agreement. EURACTIV France reports
Climate change 11-09-2014

Ozone layer shows signs of recovery after 1987 ban on damaging gases

The ozone layer that shields life from the sun's cancer-causing ultraviolet rays is showing its first sign of thickening after years of dangerous depletion, a UN study said on Wednesday.
Climate change 14-02-2013

Call to ban ozone-depleting gases entering Europe by sea

A call to close European ports to containers made from the world’s most harmful ozone-eating HCFC gas has been issued by the world’s largest container shipping company – and by Europe's largest conservation group.
Climate change 26-08-2011

Europe emits huge unreported F-gas cloud: Report

European chemical manufacturers are covertly venting huge quantities of the powerful 'super greenhouse gas' HFC-23, according to a study by the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (EMPA).
Climate change 10-05-2010

Sectoral Approaches to Climate Change: What can industry contribute?

There are a number of possible methods to include industry in sectoral approaches to tackling climate change – including participation in a consultative body based on a public-private partnership, writes Noriko Fujiwara, research fellow at the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), in a May special report.
Climate change 23-11-2004

Scientists have doubts about recovery of ozone layer

While the US and other industrial countries are seeking exemptions for the phase-out of the dangerous pesticide methyl bromide during a five-day conference in Prague, scientists have expressed doubts about the recovery of the ozone layer.
Climate change 17-11-2003

EU and developing countries oppose US requests on increased use of ozone harming pesticide

No consensus could be reached on granting the US exemptions from the requirement to phase out methyl bromide during the UN conference on the Montreal Protocol (MOP-15) held in Nairobi (Kenya) from 10-14 November 2003.
Climate change 10-11-2003

EU and US to clash over phase-out of methyl bromide

A new environmental conflict between the US and the EU is looming over the 15th Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol (MOP-15) held in Nairobi, Kenya, from 10-14 November 2003.
Climate change 05-02-2002

EU-UK dispute over removing CFCs from fridges

A conflict between the UK and the Commission has emerged over the recovering of CFCs from old fridges. The UK claims that the Commission's measures are unclear and imprecise. In return, the Commission says the UK is dragging its feet to set the regulation in place.