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French MPs propose ‘moratorium’ on 5G rollout, citing health, environment

Three amendments proposing to have a "moratorium" on 5G deployment in France - first spotted by news websites Numerama and Next INpact - were tabled before the French National Assembly during its committee's examination of the bill to combat climate change. EURACTIV France reports.
Digital & Media 01-07-2020

EU data watchdog to ‘convince’ Commission to ban automated recognition tech

Automated recognition technologies in public spaces should be temporarily banned, the EU's institutional data protection watchdog has said, arguing in favour of a moratorium.

France suspends GM maize, citing new scientific evidence

French President Nicolas Sarkozy announced on 11 January 2008 that his country would invoke an EU safeguard clause enabling it to suspend the marketing and growth on its territory of a GM crop that has EU-wide authorisation.
Agrifood 23-06-2004

Spain questions scientific advice on GMO crops

A month after the end of the EU moratorium on new GMOs, Spain has announced that advice from 'independent researchers' is now needed.
Trade & Society 19-08-2003

Washington requests WTO dispute panel on GMOs; EU confident of its case

Less than one month before the start of the important Cancun talks on global trade, the US, Argentina and Canada officially requested the WTO for a dispute settlement panel on GMOs
Health 06-08-2003

Washington to pursue WTO complaint against EU policy on GMOs

The US administration intends to continue its WTO complaint against the EU's moratorium on new genetically modified crops despite the Union's recent adoption of new rules that could lead to the lifting of the moratorium.
Trade & Society 23-07-2003

Europe has legislative framework for GMOs in place

On 22 July, EU agriculture ministers formally adopted two pieces of legislation which aim at ensuring a safe approach to GM food and feed.
Trade & Society 25-06-2003

Transatlantic GM food row continues into EU-US Summit

Responding to US allegations, the EU says it has done nothing to turn developing countries away from GM foods. Environmental pressure groups say there is no evidence GM technology could make greater contribution to the fight against world hunger than existing technologies.
Health 24-06-2003

Former environment minister heats up GM debate in the UK

Former minister Michael Meacher cited evidence in an article published by "The Independent" on 22 June that the UK government ignored some official scientific concerns about the health hazards of GM food.
Health 14-05-2003

Anger and frustration over U.S. move on GM food moratorium

Together with Argentina, Canada and Egypt, the U.S. has decided to challenge the EU's five-year de facto moratorium on biotech foods and crops in the World Trade Organisation (WTO). EU Trade Commissioner Pascal Lamy maintains "the EU's regulatory system for GMO's authorisation is in line with WTO rules".
Health 13-05-2003

U.S. attack imminent on GM food moratorium in EU

The U.S. is expected to announce on 13 May the launch of a World Trade Organisation (WTO) case against the EU over its refusal to accept genetically modified food.
Health 07-02-2003

Looming war against Iraq delays EU-US trade dispute over GMOs

The US World Trade Organisation case against the EU over the European refusal to accept genetically modified food has been put on hold due to preparations for war against Iraq.
Trade & Society 21-01-2003

EU Commissioners hit back after US threats on GMOs

Two EU Commissioners have countered the allegations of US trade chief Robert Zoellick relating to the EU's restrictions on genetically modified products.
Health 10-01-2003

US could file international trade case against EU over GMOs

US trade chief Robert Zoellick announced on 9 January that he is in favour of a WTO suit over European restrictions on genetically modified products.
Trade & Society 18-12-2002

US-EU dispute over GMOs to boil over?

The new chairman of the US Senate's Finance Committee has called on the Bush administration to file a trade case against the EU for thwarting the sale in the Union of US-grown genetically modified crops.
Agrifood 16-01-2001

EU plans stricter rules on genetically modified foods

Stricter rules on GM food in the EU threaten to start another trade dispute with the USA.
Agrifood 12-01-2001

EU Greens demand continuation of moratorium on GMOs

EU Greens demand an indefinite extension of the existing EU moratorium on GMOs.