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Economy & Jobs 31-05-2017

EU reaches deal to revitalise securitisation market

MEPs reached an agreement with national governments and the European Commission on Tuesday (30 May) to revive the continent’s securitisation market, paving the way towards the creation of a Capital Markets Union
Brexit 06-06-2016

Investors add ‘money-back Brexit clause’ to UK property deals

Commercial property investors are writing clauses into contracts giving buyers the right to walk away from real estate deals if Britain votes to leave the European Union this month, as a way to unfreeze a sector stalled by uncertainty over Brexit.
Euro & Finance 23-04-2013

EU seals agreement on mortgage law to avoid more housing bubbles

EU countries reached a deal with the European Parliament on Monday (22 April) on the bloc's first common rules on mortgage lending, in an attempt to avoid a repeat of property bubbles that helped fuel the euro zone's debt crisis.

Euro zone’s poorest face rising home foreclosures

While a survey of the property market reveals global investors' growing appetite for repossessed property, it also shows that Europe's poorest countries are worst off as they face rising repossessions while investment falls away.
Euro & Finance 31-03-2011

EU mortgage law to hit first-time buyers, says industry

An EU directive to be unveiled today (31 March) will introduce more stringent rules on mortgage lending in the EU, but critics argue this will limit lending and hurt first-time buyers.