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Economy & Jobs 11-09-2019

EU high court could qualify Spain mortgage pricing as abusive

Spain's mortgage interest rate index -known as IRPH- could be considered abusive, advocate general of the Court of Justice of the EU warned in his conclusions on Tuesday (10 September), which are contrary to an assessment of Spain's Supreme Court. 

More banks join EU-backed pilot scheme for green mortgages

Deutsche Hypothekenbank in Germany and Ecology Building Society in the UK were the latest to join a group of 37 pioneering banks offering an energy efficiency mortgage pilot scheme to homeowners.
Euro & Finance 21-06-2016

For citizens’ sake, play it safe with securitisation

The European Commission’s desire to boost securitisation is ringing alarm bells among academics and civil society groups. Christophe Nijdam explains why.
Energy 15-06-2016

Homeowners offered cheaper mortgages in return for energy efficiency renovations

EXCLUSIVE / Homeowners will qualify for reduced repayment rates on their mortgages if they undertake energy efficiency renovations, and lower interest rates on loans to pay for them, under “pioneering” plans being drawn up by lenders for consideration by EU and global regulators.

Mobilising private financing for energy efficiency of buildings

Europe’s ageing building stock needs large-scale energy efficiency renovation if the EU is to meet its climate and energy targets. Increased private investment would create jobs and help citizens save money, writes Luca Bertalot.
Euro & Finance 27-10-2015

Spanish banks may have to repay billions in ‘abusive’ fixed-rate mortgages

The European Commission welcomed the end of the bailout programme for Spanish banks, but now may be putting the country’s financial stability at risk, as it seeks further action against 'abusive' mortgage clauses, it was reported on Tuesday (27 October).
Euro & Finance 08-06-2012

EU lawmakers back tougher home loan rules

The ability to repay a home loan will be more closely scrutinised under the European Union's first set of rules on mortgages that were backed by the bloc's parliament today (7 June).

Mortgage consumer rules: Safe as houses?

A spat in the European parliament over how much protection should be afforded to consumers buying mortgages reflects ongoing tensions between the right to invest in property and the need to curb the type of easy credit at the origin of the 2008 financial crisis.
Euro & Finance 17-01-2008

Consumer credit

Following years of negotiations, EU member states found an agreement to amend the consumer credit directive, harmonising credit rules across the Union and allowing consumers to choose the best deal.
Euro & Finance 28-06-2006

Experts look at freeing Europe’s mortgage markets

The Commission, on 27 June 2006, announced the creation of an expert group to further examine obstacles to a single European mortgage funding market.