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Health 22-01-2021

Monte Carlo Rally has no place in ‘post-crisis world’, say environmentalists

The first round of the World Rally Championship began with the Monte Carlo Rally on Thursday (21 January). However, the sport's polluting nature, criticised by environmental associations, is raising questions about its raison d'être. EURACTIV France reports.
Transport 03-07-2013

MEPs vote to include motorcycles in safety inspections

The European Parliament voted Tuesday (2 July) to extend vehicle safety checks to motorcycles, reversing a parliamentary committee’s effort to exempt two-wheeled vehicles from inspections.
Transport 31-05-2013

MEPs vote to give motocyclists an easier ride

In a victory for motorcyclists, a parliamentary committee on Thursday (30 May) voted down a European Commission proposal to require safety inspections for all motorbikes.
Transport 21-11-2012

When does an e-bike become a motorcycle?

The European Parliament has voted to separate regulation on motorised and non-motorised bicycles, a move two-wheeler associations say will safeguard investment in cycling.
Transport 16-07-2012

Commission seeks tougher road safety rules

The European Commission is proposing tougher vehicle testing rules that for the first time would require inspections of all motorcycles and scooters. The move comes as the number of road deaths spiked in recent months.
Transport 23-11-2006

MEPs pave way for single EU driving licence

A single European driving licence, valid for a maximum of 15 years, looks set to replace the multitude of licences currently valid in member states.
Transport 11-07-2006

Commission urges Member States to take unsafe mini-motorbikes off the market

Following reports of serious and fatal accidents involving the use of mini-motorbikes, the Commission has sent a letter to all 25 Member States urging them to take action against the unsafe products.
Climate change 09-03-2001

Tighter emission limits for motorcycles

Environment Ministers agree to introduce tighter emission limits from 2003 for new types of motorcycles