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Economy & Jobs 21-03-2018

EU auditors: Public-private partnerships suffer from widespread shortcomings

A report by the European Court of Auditors Risk on the effectiveness of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) in Europe has found significant shortcomings ranging from insufficient competition and significant delays to cost increases and lack of comparative analyses.
Transport 19-01-2015

EU’s transport infrastructure to be upgraded

The European transport infrastructure will receive an ample makeover, as the European Commission announces on Thursday (15 January) its transport network priorities.
Transport 11-04-2007

Roads ‘good for the environment’, says study

Bigger and better roads contribute to cutting pollution by removing bottlenecks, states a report commissioned by the EU Road Federation. The study follows criticism from green groups that investing in roads is contrary to Europe's sustainable development goals.
Transport 28-08-2003

Commission gives its green light to German road toll

On 26 August, the German government and the Commission found a compromise on the new German road toll system for trucks.
Transport 25-07-2003

Commission wants to harmonise road charging costs for lorries

On 23 July, the Commission proposed a draft directive on infrastructure charging. With this new legislation, the Commission intends to pass on to users the costs associated with road use more accurately across the EU.
Transport 14-02-2003

Electronic motorway toll-paying to be harmonised across Europe

By the end of this quarter, the Commission is expected to come forward with new plans to set up a harmonised system for electronic toll-paying on European motorways. The proposal is to come out at the same time as the long-awaited Communication on infrastructure charging, which will propose a common methodology for calculating fair charging levels for all modes of transport, including road transport.