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Global Europe 15-11-2021

Son of former Libyan dictator Gaddafi runs for president

The son of late Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi appeared for nearly the first time in a decade on Sunday (14 November) to register as a presidential candidate for a December vote planned to help end the years of chaos since...

Sarkozy to go on trial after final appeal fails

France's former president Nicolas Sarkozy is to go on trial facing charges of corruption and influence peddling after losing his final bid to avert appearing in the dock, sources close to the case said Wednesday (19 June).
Global Europe 25-01-2017

EU looks to limit migration from Libya

After blocking the main migrant route from the Middle East, the EU will this week seek ways to check a feared spring surge from Libya and North Africa across the Mediterranean.
Public Affairs 04-01-2017

Does corruption threaten Europe?

Current debate rarely attributes the rise of populism in European politics to the perceived prevalence of corruption. Yet public opinion often shows that citizens believe their representatives to be corrupt, write Laurence Cockcroft and Anne-Christine Wegener.
Global Europe 22-09-2016

Outsourcing European border security – ‘at the whim of foreign dictators’?

If Europe wants to stabilise itself against the relentless pressure of South-North migration — a must rather than an option now — taking matters into its own hands is the only sustainable way forward, argues Leopold Traugott.
Global Europe 14-09-2016

Damning report says Cameron’s Libya intervention based on flawed intelligence

Britain's 2011 military intervention in Libya, ordered by former prime minister David Cameron, relied on flawed intelligence and hastened the North African country's political and economic collapse, lawmakers said today (14 September) in a damning report.

Germany’s refugee policy: ‘Borders on cynicism’

Arms exports to Saudi Arabia, the return of refugees to Afghanistan and the deal with Turkey: Germany's peace institutes have come out firing against many of Germany's more controversial policies. EURACTIV’s partner Der Tagesspiegel reports.
Global Europe 17-05-2016

UN proposal would ask EU ships to enforce Libya arms embargo

France and Britain are preparing a UN resolution that would authorize EU ships in the Mediterranean to intercept vessels suspected of carrying weapons to Libya, diplomats said Monday (16 May).

Turkey must not be allowed to blackmail Europe on migration

Europe once entrusted Muammar Gaddafi with controlling the amount of people crossing the Mediterranean into Europe - we must ensure the same mistake is not made again with Erdoğan, writes Leopold Traugott.
Elections 01-07-2014

Sarkozy detained for questioning over graft case

Nicolas Sarkozy was detained for questioning today (1 July) in a widening corruption probe, a judicial source told AFP, in an unprecedented move against a former French president.
Global Europe 21-10-2011

EU says ready to support post-Gaddafi Libya

European Union leaders yesterday (20 October) hailed reports of Muammar Gaddafi's death, saying it marked "the end of an era of despotism and repression". Up to €85 million is available for reconstruction and stabilisation needs, the European Commission indicated.
Global Europe 22-08-2011

EU ready to support Libya transition

As Muammar Gaddafi's forces scatter, NATO, which has backed Libya's rebels with a bombing campaign, is calling for a peaceful transition of power. Meanwhile, the EU says it will continue to offer support to the Libyan people.
Med & South 16-02-2010

Libya-Switzerland row hits EU

A conflict between Libya and Switzerland has now begun to affect the EU after Tripoli decided not to issue any visas to nationals from the Schengen countries from 15 February. The move comes after Bern banned 188 high-ranking Libyans, including the country's leader, Muammar Gaddafi, from entering Switzerland.