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Global Europe 22-08-2013

Foreign ministers vow to promote ‘dialogue’ in Egypt

The European Union stopped short of agreeing immediate cuts in financial or military assistance to Cairo yesterday (21 August), as the bloc's foreign ministers held emergency talks to find ways to help bring an end to violence in Egypt.
Global Europe 18-06-2012

Islamists claim victory in Egypt election

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood declared today (18 June) that its candidate Mohamed Morsy won the country's first free presidential race, beating Hosni Mubarak's last prime minister and ending six decades of rule by presidents plucked from the military.
Elections 29-05-2012

The Egyptian Election and the Arab Spring

Westerners have underestimated the extent of the support for the military regime in Egypt and the degree to which anti-Mubarak demonstrators were committed to Western-style democracy rather than a democracy that represented Islamic values, writes George Friedman.
Global Europe 16-02-2011

MEPs to support Egypt’s transition to democracy

Five days after the fall of Hosni Mubarak, the European Parliament is today (16 February) set to deplore the EU's weak and slow reaction to developments in Egypt. EURACTIV France reports.
Global Europe 11-02-2011

EU hails Egypt’s Mubarak resignation

Brussels cheered after Egypt's President stepped down today (11 February) following 18 days of massive protests. "Today the voice of the Egyptian people was heard. Political responsibility has prevailed," said European Parliament President Jerzy Buzek.
Global Europe 04-02-2011

Egypt crisis looms large over EU summit’s agenda

The unfolding Egypt crisis has eclipsed the agenda of today's (4 February) EU summit, which was expected to focus on energy and innovation. But it has also revealed the limitations of the European Union's High Representative for foreign policy, Catherine Ashton, who has had to take a back seat as the 'Jasmine' revolutionary wave rolls on.
Global Europe 01-02-2011

EU ministers call for orderly transition in Egypt

While Egypt's anti-government protesters gather today (1 February) for a million-strong march to oust President Hosni Mubarak, EU ministers adopted a carefully worded declaration calling on the Egyptian authorities to embark on an orderly transition process. 
Global Europe 27-01-2011

EU calls for restraint as Egypt revolt unfolds

EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton called today (27 January) on the Egyptian authorities to exercise restraint after street violence escalated. Prominent Egyptian reform campaigner Mohamed ElBaradei said he was ready to assume power in Egypt if the people called for him to do so.
Global Europe 26-01-2011

‘Jasmine revolution’ rocks Egypt

Unprecedented protests demanding an end to President Hosni Mubarak's authoritarian rule took place in Egypt's capital Cairo yesterday (25 January). Demonstrators said they were inspired by the recent uprising in Tunisia.