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Brexit 17-06-2016

US group: Alleged killer of British MP was neo-Nazi supporter

The alleged killer of British lawmaker Jo Cox was a "dedicated supporter" of a neo-Nazi group based in the United States, a civil rights group reported Thursday (16 June).
Europe's East 24-01-2013

Tymoshenko murder accusations overshadow upcoming EU-Ukraine summit

The EU-Ukraine summit scheduled for 25 February may mark a low point in the relations between Brussels and Kyiv, with diplomats warning that it would be “impossible” to move forward without solving the case of imprisoned former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, who is now accused of commissioning a murder.

Macedonia arrests radical Islamists for lake murders

Police in Macedonia arrested 20 people yesterday (1 May), including radical Islamists who reportedly fought with the Taliban in Afghanistan, for the murder of five men at a lake near the capital Skopje in mid-April.