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Brexit 19-01-2021

UK rejects pleas to re-open talks on musicians’ visa deal

UK government ministers on Tuesday (19 January), rejected demands that they try to broker a deal with the EU to ensure that visa-free tours by musicians can continue, insisting that “taking back control” of borders should be the UK’s first priority.
Digital & Media 23-08-2018

Apple to gain unconditional EU approval for Shazam buy

Apple is set to win unconditional EU antitrust approval for its planned acquisition of British music discovery app Shazam, two people familiar with the matter said on Wednesday (22 August).
Digital & Media 30-05-2016

Piracy eats up 5.2% of music sales in the EU

In 2014, the European music industry lost 5.2% of its total annual sales to piracy, according to the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).  EURACTIV Spain reports.
Digital & Media 25-05-2016

Spotify spared from Commission’s geoblocking plans for now

The European Commission has narrowly avoided a showdown with the music industry and e-book publishers over its new plans to stop e-commerce firms charging buyers more if they live in certain EU countries.

Private copying in Spain: A slap in the face for authors

The Spanish government’s decision to limit the amount of compensation payable to rightsholders is a slap in the face to authors, as well as to the culture industry, writes Fernando Carbajo Cascón.
Kraftwerk is emboiled in a copyright fight that could end up in a European court
Digital & Media 25-11-2015

Kraftwerk kraut-rocked by court copyright fight

Germany's highest court was examining today (25 November) a case that erupted 18 years ago over a German hip hop artist's two-second sample of a tune by electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk.
Languages & Culture 15-05-2015

Commission jams with European rock acts

The European Commission is seeking to promote European indie rock groups through a network of clubs which are encouraged to stage emerging acts from member states.
Heini Järvinen [EDRi]
Languages & Culture 30-10-2014

Copyright reform: weak research will produce bad policy

Recent studies have echoed extremely pessimistic analysis of the impact of copyright infringement on the European economy. But these are often based on false, misleading assumptions, writes Heini Järvinen.
[Daniel Grosvenor/Flickr]
Languages & Culture 16-10-2014

Piracy, the quiet killer of the EU’s cultural industries

The European creative economy shrank between 2008 and 2011 due to inadequate measures to combat piracy. EURACTIV France reports
Competition 06-02-2014

Parliament votes for easier copyright rules for online music providers

The European Parliament has passed a bill on Tuesday (4 February) making it easier for online music streaming sites to provide services in several European countries, with the aim of boosting entrepreneurship in online music services.
Brexit 21-11-2013

Billy Bragg: UK Euro-referendum is ‘worst aspect of Little Englander mentality’

In a wide-ranging interview, Billy Bragg talks about power and accountability in Brussels, English identity, Scottish independence, immigration, the youth vote, and how the European Commission should buy up the Daily Mail and use it to print facts about the EU.
Trade & Society 13-07-2012

Brussels proposes changes to EU copyright law

Following concerns over financial irregularities and difficult online licencing, the European Commission has proposed a new directive requiring copyright collecting societies to increase their transparency, efficiency and management of revenues. EURACTIV France reports.
Digital & Media 07-12-2011

Private copy: Barnier tries to crack the nut

Talks between right-holders and makers of electronic goods will restart at the beginning of 2012 to try and find a solution to the sensitive issue of levies to compensate artists for the copying of their works.
Languages & Culture 12-09-2011

Artists set to win EU music copyright battle

Musicians are likely to secure longer copyright protection of their work in Europe next week, helping artists and record labels as music revenues decline and bringing Europe closer into line with the United States.
Languages & Culture 23-04-2010

Europe’s music industry could flourish with improved copyright rules

The European Commission should work to develop a Collective Rights Management model that is "fit for the digital era and will enable everyone to access music in a legitimate, transparent and efficient manner," writes Nicolas Galibert, chair of the International Confederation of Music Publishers (ICMP) and president of Sony ATV Music Publishing France.  
Digital & Media 29-09-2009

EU to set volume limits on music players

The European Commission has proposed new volume standards for personal music players, such as Apple's iPods, to tackle the risk of permanent hearing damage as a result of their regular use.

Music copyright still divisive, despite MEPs’ backing

The European Parliament last week backed an increase in copyright protection for musicians from 50 to 70 years, in a move aimed at ensuring longer royalties for artists and record companies. But the move caused concern among consumer and green groups, who called on member states to reject the proposal.
Competition 17-07-2008

Commission cracks down on music copyright managers

Despite strong pressure, the European Commission decided to ban certain copyright handling practices, triggering angry reactions from rights managers.
Competition 04-07-2008

Music authors ‘at war’ with Commission over copyrights

European composers and songwriters threatened yesterday (3 July) to "play havoc" with the music market by withdrawing their catalogues if the European Commission goes ahead with its plan to introduce more competition between collecting societies.
Competition 18-06-2008

EU Court to rule on Sony-BMG merger once again

A long-standing legal battle around the merger between the music giants Sony and Bertelsmann (BMG) has been revived as independent labels lodged a second appeal with the European Court of Justice in the hope of blocking the deal.
Competition 04-10-2007

Commission again clears music giants’ merger

The European Commission has cleared, for a second time and without imposing any 'remedies', the joint venture between music companies Sony and BMG, which had been set aside by the European Court of Justice in 2006.
Competition 06-03-2007

Music giants’ merger under renewed investigation

The Commission's anti-trust department has re-opened in-depth investigations into the merger of Sony and Bertelsmann BMG, which has created one of the largest music companies in the world.
Competition 14-07-2006

Court rolls back music merger

The European Court of First Instance has overturned the Commission's 2004 decision to clear the merger of the music units of Sony and BMG Bertelsmann, putting future mergers in the music industry in question.

EU afraid of media mergers?

A few days after it launched a full investigation into the deal between Warner Music and EMI, the Commission announced a detailed inquiry into the merger of AOL and Time Warner.