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Private copying in Spain: A slap in the face for authors

The Spanish government’s decision to limit the amount of compensation payable to rightsholders is a slap in the face to authors, as well as to the culture industry, writes Fernando Carbajo Cascón.
Heini Järvinen [EDRi]
Languages & Culture 30-10-2014

Copyright reform: weak research will produce bad policy

Recent studies have echoed extremely pessimistic analysis of the impact of copyright infringement on the European economy. But these are often based on false, misleading assumptions, writes Heini Järvinen.
Languages & Culture 23-04-2010

Europe’s music industry could flourish with improved copyright rules

The European Commission should work to develop a Collective Rights Management model that is "fit for the digital era and will enable everyone to access music in a legitimate, transparent and efficient manner," writes Nicolas Galibert, chair of the International Confederation of Music Publishers (ICMP) and president of Sony ATV Music Publishing France.