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Agrifood 24-04-2019

Food industry hails new EU rules on mutual recognition of goods

Food industry representatives welcomed the recently revised EU legislation on mutual recognition of goods as a major step forward in the completion of the EU single market. But they said more efforts were needed to improve standardisation, even the well-harmonised food sector.

Parliament calls for boosting professionals’ mobility

The European Parliament approved yesterday (15 November) a resolution to accelerate the recognition of professional qualifications – such as those for engineers and medical workers – of European citizens working in a member state other than their own.
Brexit 17-07-2007

Towards transatlantic trading floors

The European Commission should negotiate a mutual-recognition agreement with the US regarding transatlantic financial trading floors, writes Karel Lannoo, chief executive of the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), in a July 2007 policy brief.

EU axes regulation in competitiveness drive

EU ministers agreed to scrap "unnecessary" EU laws on wood- and product-packaging and to lower application costs for EU-wide trademarks, saying that this would help bolster the Union's competitiveness.

EU seeks to boost internal market by easing product-safety rules

The Commission wants to boost trade between EU countries by making it more difficult for member states to block imports of specific products on the basis that they do not meet particular national standards.
Security 23-05-2005

Mutual recognition needs mutual trust, says Frattini

EU Justice Commissioner Franco Frattini has presented a plan to strengthen the mutual recognition of member state judicial decisions.
Security 02-12-2004

Council to hear report on controversial EU evidence warrant proposal

The Justice and Home Affairs Council on 2 December will focus on increasing EU-wide judicial co-operation to combat terrorism. It will hear a Presidency report on a proposed EU warrant to gather evidence across borders.
Euro & Finance 30-04-2003

EU enlargement: external economic implications

This policy briefing discusses the main economic aspects of the external dimension, in particular whether there is a threat of trade diversion.
Euro & Finance 30-03-2003

Mutual recognition, unemployment and the welfare state

This paper aims to explain the advantages of using the principle of mutual recognition, instead of equal treatement, in the Union's labour markets.
Euro & Finance 30-12-2002

Mutual recognition in goods and services: an economic perspective

This paper provides the economic and strategic arguments for employing mutual recognition much more systematically in the single market for goods and services.