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Energy 15-06-2015

Nabucco 2.0 to transport Russian gas?

A new version of the defunct Nabucco gas pipeline project is being prepared, this time based on the transport of Russian gas, Austria's Die Presse has learned. Ironically, the original concept of Nabucco was precisely to carry gas from other sources than Russia.
Energy 27-06-2013

EU-backed Nabucco project ‘over’ after rival pipeline wins Azeri gas bid

Nabucco West, the Austrian-led consortium that was bidding to build a pipeline to bring Azeri gas to Europe, has not been selected by the gas field's operators, the company announced yesterday (26 June). The choice of the Shah Deniz consortium is for the rival Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP).
Energy 19-06-2013

Azerbaijan’s SOCAR buys Greek gas operator DESFA

Greece is set to agree the sale of its natural gas grid operator DESFA to Azeri state energy company SOCAR, a senior official directly involved in the talks said yesterday (18 June). The deal appears to raise the chances that the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) will win its bid for Azeri gas, against its competitor Nabucco.
Energy 29-03-2013

Communication crossfire signals high tension in pipeline race

Nabucco West and the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), the two companies competing for Azerbaijani gas projects, have issued simultaneous statements today (29 March) that they have submitted the final package supporting their bids. The Shah Deniz consortium will chose between the two in June.
Energy 08-03-2013

One sure winner emerges in southern gas corridor race

Nabucco West and the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), the two planned projects competing for Azeribaijani gas, have both signed agreements with the Trans-Anatolia Gas Pipeline (TANAP) between Turkey and Azerbaijan.
Energy 13-02-2013

Oettinger gives thumbs up to trans-Adriatic pipeline

The EU's Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger welcomed the signature today (13 February) of an agreement between the governments of Italy, Albania and Greece to build the Trans-Adriatic pipeline TAP, as a possible component of the Southern gas corridor linking the EU to the resource-rich Caspian region.
Energy 31-01-2013

Race between Nabucco and TAP pipeline hots up

Representatives of Nabucco and TAP, the rival pipelines planned to carry gas from the Shah Deniz II offshore field in Azerbaijan, both told EURACTIV they were in a better position to obtain the contract. A decision by Azerbaijan is expected in June.
Energy 11-01-2013

Nabucco to become ‘a real pipeline’ soon, owners say

The companies behind the Nabucco pipeline have agreed to give Azerbaijan's Shah Deniz gas group a stake in the project to pipe the country's gas to Europe, boosting its prospects against the rival TAP project.