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Energy 16-05-2018

Europe grapples with Dutch gas production ‘collapse’

For the first time, the Netherlands became a net importer of gas last year, reflecting the inexorable decline in production from Europe’s North Sea fields – an issue EU policymakers are only starting to come to terms with.
Energy 02-05-2016

EPP takes strong position against Nord Stream 2

The centre-right European Peoples’ Party (EPP), the largest group in the European Parliament, has taken a strong position against Nord Stream 2, a Gazprom-favoured project to bring additional Russian gas from Russia to Germany under the Baltic Sea.
Energy 15-06-2015

Nabucco 2.0 to transport Russian gas?

A new version of the defunct Nabucco gas pipeline project is being prepared, this time based on the transport of Russian gas, Austria's Die Presse has learned. Ironically, the original concept of Nabucco was precisely to carry gas from other sources than Russia.
Azerbaijan 11-03-2015

Aliyev: Azerbaijan concerned by Commission’s DESFA investigation

Azerbaijan, which has acquired Greek gas transmission system operator DESFA, is wondering why the European Commission is taking so long to decide if the deal is compatible with EU law, Minister of Energy of Azerbaijan Natig Aliyev told EURACTIV.
Energy 05-03-2015

Bulgaria wants to revive Nabucco, Azerbaijan says pipeline name ‘not important’

Hosting the President of Azerbaijan on an official visit to Bulgaria, Prime Minister Boyko Borissov said his country wants to revive the Nabucco pipeline project. President Ilham Aliyev said that what really matters is to bring more Azeri gas to Europe, and that the name of the future pipeline is not important.
Central Europe 29-08-2013

Romania wants EU compensation for abandoned Nabucco project

Romanian President Traian B?sescu has asked for compensation from the EU for the abandoned Nabucco pipeline project which had been planned to carry Azeri gas to Austria through Romanian territory.
Energy 27-06-2013

EU-backed Nabucco project ‘over’ after rival pipeline wins Azeri gas bid

Nabucco West, the Austrian-led consortium that was bidding to build a pipeline to bring Azeri gas to Europe, has not been selected by the gas field's operators, the company announced yesterday (26 June). The choice of the Shah Deniz consortium is for the rival Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP).
Energy 19-06-2013

Azerbaijan’s SOCAR buys Greek gas operator DESFA

Greece is set to agree the sale of its natural gas grid operator DESFA to Azeri state energy company SOCAR, a senior official directly involved in the talks said yesterday (18 June). The deal appears to raise the chances that the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) will win its bid for Azeri gas, against its competitor Nabucco.
Energy 23-05-2013

Leaders hesitate between common EU response and ‘silver bullets’ on energy

Several EU leaders attending a summit in Brussels announced yesterday (22 May) they would prioritise ‘silver bullet’ solutions - such as the development of shale gas - to reduce energy prices. The European Commission, meanwhile, said simultaneous action was needed "on several fronts."
Energy 29-03-2013

Communication crossfire signals high tension in pipeline race

Nabucco West and the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), the two companies competing for Azerbaijani gas projects, have issued simultaneous statements today (29 March) that they have submitted the final package supporting their bids. The Shah Deniz consortium will chose between the two in June.
Energy 31-01-2013

Race between Nabucco and TAP pipeline hots up

Representatives of Nabucco and TAP, the rival pipelines planned to carry gas from the Shah Deniz II offshore field in Azerbaijan, both told EURACTIV they were in a better position to obtain the contract. A decision by Azerbaijan is expected in June.
Energy 23-01-2013

After Nabucco, TAP too proposes shares to Azerbaijan

The Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP ) group has agreed offer up to 50% of its shares to the Shah Deniz gas consortium - made up of Azerbaijan's state gas company SOCAR and leading European energy partners. The deal follows the rival Nabucco pipeline's recent decision to give the Caspian Sea gas consortium the chance to acquire half of its shares.
Energy 11-01-2013

Nabucco to become ‘a real pipeline’ soon, owners say

The companies behind the Nabucco pipeline have agreed to give Azerbaijan's Shah Deniz gas group a stake in the project to pipe the country's gas to Europe, boosting its prospects against the rival TAP project.
Energy 21-12-2012

Azerbaijan to buy 50% stake in Nabucco

Azerbaijan's Shah Deniz II gas group could agree to take a 50% stake in the Nabucco pipeline consortium by January, boosting Nabucco's prospects in a competition between projects that aim to pipe Azeri offshore gas into Europe.
Energy 15-11-2012

Oettinger talks up Tanap pipeline

EU Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger has signalled that Brussels may soon accept the proposed Trans-Anatolian Gas Pipeline (TANAP), despite its earlier support for the Nabucco pipeline.   
Energy 20-08-2012

Nabucco remains in competition for Azeri gas

The Nabucco West project still has a chance of winning the contest to transport gas from Azerbaijan to European countries, even after a rival consortium signed a funding deal, an executive of the country's state oil firm said.
Energy 17-07-2012

Final decision on South Stream pipeline in sight

A consortium backing the Gazprom-led South Stream pipeline expects to make a final investment decision within months, says the head of one of its second largest shareholder, Italy’s Eni energy.
Energy 29-05-2012

BP punches Nabucco below the belt

UK oil major BP said it was no longer considering shipping gas from its Shah Deniz field in Azerbaijan through the Nabucco pipeline, dealing a blow to the troubled European project. But the European Commission said the “full-scale version” of Nabucco was still the main option under consideration.
Central Europe 24-04-2012

Nabucco suffers friendly fire from Budapest

The EU-favoured Nabucco natural gas pipeline is "in trouble," Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in calling for support of its competitor, Russia Gazprom-backed South Steam project.
Energy 29-02-2012

Southern gas corridor takes shape

A southern gas corridor is taking shape with one branch leading to Italy via the Trans Adriatic pipeline (TAP), and the other one, called "the northern route", to be built either by the Nabucco consortium or the South East Europe Pipeline project (SEEP) - which enjoys the support of an Azerbaijan gas consortium - the TAP director told EURACTIV.
Energy 21-02-2012

Greek crisis kills ITGI pipeline project

Azerbaijan has eliminated one of the main competitors bidding for the gas of the Shah Deniz II offshore field, apparently over concerns that one of project's partners, Greek gas company DEPA, would not be able to carry on with the project.
Energy 13-12-2011

Azerbaijan postpones gas auction decision

Azerbaijan has delayed until March 2012 a decision on which bidder will get natural gas produced as part of the Shah Deniz field's second stage. Nabucco and three other pipeline projects are competing in the auction and results were expected this month.
Energy 17-11-2011

US urges Azerbaijan to choose ‘smaller pipeline’

A smaller, cheaper alternative to the EU-backed Nabucco pipeline could be the best choice to carry Caspian natural gas to Europe, though Nabucco retains US political support, Washington's special envoy for Eurasian energy said in Baku. 
Energy 04-10-2011

‘Southern corridor’ competitors bid for Azeri gas

Competitors in the race to give life to the 'Southern gas corridor,' aimed at supplying Europe with non-Russian gas sources, have all lodged bids to obtain the 10 billion cubic meters per year which will be available from the offshore Shah Deniz II field in Azerbaijan.