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  • TAP pipeline director: South Stream is irrelevant

    Interview | Energy 29-02-2012

    As long as the consortium managing the gas from Shah Deniz field in Azerbaijan is ready and willing to guarantee supplies of gas to Italy via the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), Gazprom's South Stream project "is irrelevant", TAP Managing Director Kjetil Tungland told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.

  • Southern gas corridor takes shape

    News | Energy 29-02-2012

    A southern gas corridor is taking shape with one branch leading to Italy via the Trans Adriatic pipeline (TAP), and the other one, called "the northern route", to be built either by the Nabucco consortium or the South East Europe Pipeline project (SEEP) - which enjoys the support of an Azerbaijan gas consortium - the TAP director told EURACTIV.

  • Greek crisis kills ITGI pipeline project

    News | Energy 21-02-2012

    Azerbaijan has eliminated one of the main competitors bidding for the gas of the Shah Deniz II offshore field, apparently over concerns that one of project's partners, Greek gas company DEPA, would not be able to carry on with the project.

  • Azerbaijan postpones gas auction decision

    News | Energy 13-12-2011

    Azerbaijan has delayed until March 2012 a decision on which bidder will get natural gas produced as part of the Shah Deniz field's second stage. Nabucco and three other pipeline projects are competing in the auction and results were expected this month.

  • US urges Azerbaijan to choose ‘smaller pipeline’

    News | Energy 17-11-2011

    A smaller, cheaper alternative to the EU-backed Nabucco pipeline could be the best choice to carry Caspian natural gas to Europe, though Nabucco retains US political support, Washington's special envoy for Eurasian energy said in Baku. 

  • CEO: Nabucco project does not fear recession

    Interview | Energy 16-11-2011

    In times of economic difficulties and fears of recession in Europe, overall energy demand will not increase, but the portfolio will change in favour of natural gas, Reinhard Mitschek, managing director Nabucco Gas Pipeline International, told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.

  • ‘Southern corridor’ competitors bid for Azeri gas

    News | Energy 04-10-2011

    Competitors in the race to give life to the 'Southern gas corridor,' aimed at supplying Europe with non-Russian gas sources, have all lodged bids to obtain the 10 billion cubic meters per year which will be available from the offshore Shah Deniz II field in Azerbaijan.

  • Turkey warns Russia over gas price

    News | Energy 30-09-2011

    Turkey joined a chorus of European companies demanding that Gazprom cut its natural gas prices, increasing pressure on the lucrative pricing model that underpins Russia's gas exports.

  • Official: Nabucco looks to newly-discovered Azeri gas

    Interview | Energy 15-09-2011

    Azerbaijan's state energy company has announced the discovery of major natural gas reserves off the country's Caspian coast: the Absheron field. Nabucco spokesperson Christian Dolezal told EURACTIV that the pipeline consortium was counting not only on supplies from Shah Deniz II, but also on newly discovered gas fields.

  • Oettinger: Fukushima throws lifeline to Nabucco

    News | Energy 30-08-2011

    The nuclear disaster in Fukushima and subsequent scepticism vis-a-vis nuclear power has increased the chances of the up-and-down Nabucco pipeline project materialising in the future, the European Union's energy commissioner has said.

  • Russian pipeline breaks free from EU rules

    News | Competition 14-07-2011

    Both the EU-favoured Nabucco pipeline and its Gazprom-sponsored competitor South Stream will "most probably" get a derogation from the Third Energy Package, the EU's legislative framework that provides competitors with free access to pipeline networks, Bulgarian Energy Minister Traycho Traykov announced today (14 July). EURACTIV's partner in Bulgaria, Dnevnik, reports.

  • Nabucco grapples with communication issues

    News | Energy 09-06-2011

    Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger has thrown his weight behind a troubleshooting effort following reports that Azerbaijan, the main supplier to the EU-favoured Nabucco gas pipeline project, is now unwilling to sell its gas to the consortium.

  • South Stream’s Brussels promo tour falls flat

    News | Energy 26-05-2011

    Russian energy giant Gazprom held an event in Brussels yesterday (25 May) to promote its South Stream gas pipeline but failed to answer questions about the project, which is seen as a competitor to the EU's own Nabucco plan.

  • Turkey caught between Nabucco and South Stream

    News | Energy 15-04-2011

    Rival gas pipeline projects Nabucco and South Stream are seeking Turkey's support. But it would not be in Ankara's interest to decide between one or the other, said energy expert Roland Götz. EURACTIV Germany reports.

  • Bosnia joins TAP pipeline Balkan net

    News | Energy 08-04-2011

    The Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) and Bosnian system operator BH-Gas signed yesterday (7 April) an agreement paving the way for a future extension of the planned gas pipeline to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  • Russia, Turkey in South Stream tug of war

    News | Energy 17-03-2011

    Upset by Turkish procrastination over the offshore section of the South Stream pipeline, Russia is warning that it may give up on the project altogether. But experts said Moscow could not afford to lose face over what is seen as the biggest political pipeline project of modern times.

  • TAP pipeline finds Western Balkan partner

    News | Energy 28-02-2011

    The Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) and Plinacro Ltd., a natural gas transmission system operator in Croatia, signed an agreement on Friday (25 February) providing for a future extension of the planned gas pipeline to Montenegro, Bosnia and Croatia.

  • Putin outwits EU’s South Stream opponents

    News | Global Europe 25-02-2011

    On the sidelines of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's visit to Brussels yesterday (24 February), Moscow won the European Union's blessing to hold a promotional Brussels event to showcase the South Stream gas pipeline, which is largely seen as a competitor to the EU-favoured Nabucco pipeline.

  • EU pushes pipeline merger in Southern gas corridor

    News | Energy 18-02-2011

    EU officials are pushing for a merger of two strategic pipeline projects – Nabucco and its smaller Italian rival ITGI – to help secure gas supplies from Azerbaijan to Europe, according to news wire reports yesterday (17 February). The European Commission later confirmed it was encouraging projects in the 'Southern Gas Corridor' to cooperate.

  • Barroso tops Azeri gas deal with visa facilitation

    News | Justice & Home Affairs 14-01-2011

    On a visit to Azerbaijan yesterday (13 January), European Commission President José Manuel Barroso signed a deal expected to bring ten billion cubic metres of gas each year to Europe, promising in return "visa facilitation" for Azeri nationals.

  • US says South Stream and Nabucco could merge

    News | Energy 10-01-2011

    Two major pipeline projects that have so far been considered rivals, the EU-favoured Nabucco and Gazprom's South Stream, may merge, US Ambassador to Italy David Thorne told Italian daily La Stampa in an interview published today (10 January).

  • Commission urges ‘concrete progress’ on energy efficiency

    News | Energy 06-01-2011

    The European Commission signalled yesterday (5 January) that it would press member states hard to deliver "concrete steps" towards the EU's goal of a 20% improvement in energy efficiency by 2020.

  • Balkan gas interconnectors progress as Borissov grows wary of Nabucco

    Opinion | Med & South 10-12-2010

    Progress on South-East Europe's gas interconnectors – small pipelines that will link the region to its more developed neighbours – is a promising sign that these countries will become less dependent on Russian imports, writes Dr. Theodoros Tsakiris, energy expert at the Hellenic Centre for European Studies (EKEM) and research associate for 'The Athens Working Group: Transforming the Balkans'.

  • Nabucco in ‘David vs. Goliath’ battle for Azeri gas

    News | Med & South 10-12-2010

    Pressure is growing on the Nabucco consortium to reveal its hand over its tender for Azeri gas. The winner, to be announced in April, will be master of Europe's Southern Gas Corridor, designed to bring gas from sources other than Russia.