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Poor people
Development Policy 28-01-2015

As EU scraps aid, Indonesia introduces health insurance for the poor

The EU has turned its back on Indonesia's health sector. But the developing country, which is witnessing growing rates of tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS, is now counting on other solutions: a new health insurance program for the poor, and its own pharmaceutical company. EURACTIV reports from Jakarta.
School shildren
Development Policy 06-01-2015

New health extremes in developing countries: Obesity and malnutrition

Middle-income developing countries confront two extremes within the public health sector. While a large percentage of the population is underweight and malnourished, a growing number of people are adopting an unhealthy, western-influenced lifestyle, dispensing with physical activity and consuming fast food.
Nafsiah Mboi
Development Policy 09-12-2014

Global Fund chair: Development aid should not be about figures, but about people

?Indonesia is one of the developing countries which will soon stop receiving much of its development aid from the international society's programmes, as the country is now seen as a middle-income country. However, there are huge inequalities and millions of poor people still in countries like Indonesia so policymakers should stop looking at the figures and instead focus on the people, says Nafsiah Mboi.