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A ‘yellow card’ and the damage done

The European Commission is expected to overrule the yellow card” triggered by national parliaments today (20 July), over the revised Posted Workers directive. Valentin Kreilinger reflects on the damage this decision is likely to cause.
Deirdre Curtin
Brexit 18-04-2014

The Next Stage of European Democracy

Politicians and academics should welcome an in-out referendum in the UK in 2017: it is a fantastic incentive to come up with new ideas on ways of governing Europe, writes Deirdre Curtin.
Public Affairs 07-11-2013

What role for national parliaments in EU law making?

The Lisbon Treaty entrusted national parliaments with new tools to hold their governments accountable for decisions taken at the European level. The fact that some national parliaments do very little to use these tools, shows a true “democratic deficit”, Richard Corbett writes.
Future EU 11-06-2013

Make MPs think European to boost EU legitimacy

The links between national parliaments and the European Parliament should be strengthened in order to tackle the EU democratic deficit and increase EU legitimacy. A more fundamental reform would be to implement the long-discussed idea of establishing a forum for national parliamentarians in Brussels, writes Charles Grant.
Future EU 04-11-2009

National parliaments key to Lisbon’s success

"The formal involvement of national Parliaments in EU political choices is one of the main keys to the success of the Lisbon Treaty," writes French MEP Alain Lamassoure of the centre-right European People's Party in an October editorial, proposing a number of measures for implementation in early 2010.
Future EU 19-09-2002

The Role of National Parliaments in the Future EU

The Role of National Parliaments in the Future EU An EPC Dialogue was held on the role of national parliaments in the future EU on 13 September 2002. Gisela Stuart, UK MP, Elizabeth Arnold, deputy chair of the Danish Parliament’s...
EU Priorities 2020 04-03-2002

Legitimacy and efficiency for EU institutions: National Parliaments

FORUM: Federalism vs. Inter-governmentalism   Legitimacy and efficiency for EU institutions: National Parliaments The future role of national parliaments will be crucial in enhancing the legitimacy of European integration. After it was chosen as one of the main issues to...