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Migration turmoil at EU border whets Nazi groups’ appetite

The chaotic situation with thousands of migrants and refugees stranded at the Greek-Turkish border has attracted the interest of Nazi groups across Europe, who have already visited the EU’s external frontier with the aim of spreading nationalistic hatred, Greek media have reported.
Elections 07-07-2017

Trans-Europe Express: Tanks against migrants

The rhetoric about sending troops to the Brenner Pass was especially reactionary. But Austrian Defence Minister Hans Peter Doskozil felt compelled to use it anyway.
Elections 19-05-2017

‘Nazi salute’ scandal unfolds in Bulgaria

A deputy minister in the new Bulgarian government resigned after a photo emerged of him giving a Nazi salute. Pressure is building on his boss, the leader of a nationalist party and the deputy prime minister in Boyko Borissov's cabinet, to resign as well.

Breivik ‘trying to spread his ideology from prison’

The Norwegian state, found guilty of treating mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik "inhumanely" in prison, said on Wednesday (11 January) that his limited contact with the outside world was necessary because he is trying to spread his ideology from prison, including in dating adverts.
Elections 01-12-2016

Austria’s Nazi past encroaches on election campaign

Austria's most infamous son, Adolf Hitler, is rarely mentioned in his home country. So it came as a shock to many when presidential candidate Alexander Van der Bellen reached into a folder during a recent live TV debate and produced a photo montage including two images of the Führer.
Central Europe 27-08-2015

Polish city wants army’s help in securing ‘Nazi gold train’

City authorities in Wa?brzych, in southwest Poland, stated on Thursday (26 August) that they now know the supposed location of a fabled missing WWII Nazi German train, but that they will not proceed without state help. Radio Poland reports.
Euro & Finance 12-03-2015

Athens complains about Schäuble “insult” problem

Greece has accused German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble of insulting his Greek counterpart, the latest deterioration in a relationship badly strained by Berlin's tough line on Athens' debt woes.
German Vice Chancellor and Energy and Economic Affairs Minister Sigmar Gabriel [The Council of the European Union]
Elections 10-02-2015

Germany rejects Greek claim for WWII reparations

Germany said on Monday (9 February) there was "zero" chance of it paying Nazi-era reparations to Athens, following a renewed demand from Greece's new leftist Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.
Central Europe 23-07-2014

Controversial monument divides Hungarians, angers Jewish community

Protests in central Budapest remain ongoing since Sunday (20 July), after a controversial monument dedicated to “all the victims” of Hungary’s German occupation was erected during the night of 20 to 21 July, the Hungarian press reports.
EU Elections 2014 07-07-2014

Neo-Nazi takes seat on Parliament Civil Liberties Committee, Schulz furious (updated)

European Parliament President Martin Schulz, anti-racism campaigners and Jewish organisations are outraged that a neo-Nazi MEP has taken a seat on the Parliament’s Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee.
Global Europe 26-06-2014

Russia counts on EU ‘friends’ to avert further sanctions

Russia has stepped up its efforts to consolidate ties with governments and forces in EU countries sympathetic to Moscow, for historic or economic reasons, or both. The EURACTIV network reports.
Future EU 20-08-2012

Italian town glorifies Mussolini commander

  A small Italian town has built a mausoleum and a memorial park honouring a ruthless fascist commander serving under Benito Mussolini and later convicted of war crimes. 
Europe's East 20-07-2012

Estonia fends off Russian accusations of ‘Nazi glorification’

Russia has reacted angrily to a recent gathering in Estonia of World War II veterans attended by the defence minister, saying Estonia was "glorifying" Nazi Waffen SS veterans. Talinn insisted that the event had “nothing in common with recognising Nazism”.
Europe's East 04-01-2012

Estonia denies plan to honour Nazi veterans

Estonia rejects accusations that it plans to honour Estonians who collaborated with the Nazis during World War II as "freedom fighters", as reported by various European media, EURACTIV has learned.

Germany outlaws leading neo-Nazi group

  Germany has banned its largest neo-Nazi association, the HNG, which supports prisoners with far-right views and their families, the Interior Ministry said on Wednesday (22 September), the government's latest step to curb the influence of radical groups.
Languages & Culture 23-12-2010

Commission turns down EU anti-communist calls

The European Commission turned down calls by six EU member states from the former Soviet bloc yesterday (22 December), which urged it to condemn the exactions of communist regimes and assimilate them to Nazi war crimes.

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