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Politics 05-09-2017

Communication: The weak part of European integration

The European Commission’s White Paper on the Future of Europe is a sad confirmation of the absence of a future vision and leadership, writes Stavros Papagianneas.
Banking union 19-07-2016

Commission’s private-sector ‘revolving door’ should work in public interest

Former Commission President Barroso’s job offer at Goldman Sachs has prompted outrage. But the real problem is the EU’s lack of transparency and democratic oversight. Interaction with the private sector through the so-called “revolving door” should be encouraged, write Katinka Brouwer, Penelope Bergkamp and Dr Lucas Bergkamp.

Press freedom: How the EU struggles to match action with values

Press freedom is a reliable barometer of the state of democracy. But the EU’s failure to live up to its own standards undermines its influence on the rest of the world, argues Jean-Paul Marthoz.
Vicky Cann, Corporate Europe Observatory
Public Affairs 21-01-2015

Old Commissioners, new revolving doors

Only three months after the Barroso II Commission left office, some prominent members have already made moves in their professional careers which are putting to test the EU executive’s policy on revolving doors, writes Vicky Cann.
Stefano Agnelli
Digital & Media 02-04-2014

All EU schools could go digital thanks to satellite broadband

The EU Commission calls for broadband in every classroom in its “Opening up education” initiative. Current initiatives to interconnect thousands of remote schools, in France and in Turkey, show the relevance of satellite broadband solutions, argues Stefano Agnelli.
Competition 04-11-2013

Europe must bring the single market to the digital world

Digital change is ready to take the European telecoms sector by the throat. If we don’t change collectively, Europe’s competitiveness will slip just as the opportunities of the big data revolution arrive on our doorstep, Neelie Kroes writes.
Digital & Media 15-03-2013

Creating digital jobs easier than putting humans on the moon

If we can put men on the moon, and get them back, surely Europe is capable of creating more digital jobs, especially since its future might just well depend on it, argues John Higgins.
Transport 31-01-2013

After UPS-TNT, more merger battles to come

Joaquín Almunia’s predecessor as competition commissioner, Neelie Kroes, ended her five-year mandate having barred two mergers. The previous negative decisions hinged on potential harm to consumers and whether harm could be offset by increased network efficiencies, write Mario Mariniello and Alice Gambarin.
Cybersecurity 06-11-2012

Mining government data: Whither the European Commission?

As governments move towards the cloud, they need to be wary of the possibility for significant adverse consequences. National security might be compromised, government integrity eroded and even the safety of public officials threatened, writes Paul Rosenzweig.

Why European SMEs need the digital single market

The fragmented nature of the EU's digital single market is preventing many small businesses from reaping the benefits of the Internet and ICTs, write Ann Mettler and Sylwia St?pie?.
Digital & Media 22-03-2012

E-invoicing: One step at a time

One of the key issues of the Digital Agenda initiative is the implementation of e-invoicing system. But there are still many challenges ahead for European businesses, writes Martin Hurley from Ricoh Europe.
Digital & Media 20-02-2012

Open data: gold mine or gold bust?

Despite Neelie Kroes' ambitious declarations for a new open data strategy at the regional level, authorities are still struggling to become familiar with that process and the strategy still faces fierce resistance, writes Julia Glidden from 21c Consultancy.
Digital & Media 30-05-2011

The world’s most powerful join the digital revolution

G8 leaders face the difficult challenge of both maintaining freedom on the Internet and coming up with appropriate regulations on child protection and intellectual property rights, writes European Commissioner Neelie Kroes.