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Politics 19-02-2019

Far-right party seeks to kick EU out of Italian constitution

An Italian far-right party is aiming to change the national constitution as a means to reduce the influence of EU law over national legislation. Emanuele Bonini has the story for EUelectionsItaly.blog.
Elections 08-12-2017

Italy’s far-right attacks newspaper premises as ‘black wave’ continues

A group of far-right activists attacked Italy’s La Repubblica newsroom with smoke bombs on Wednesday (6 December), in the latest of a series of violent episodes by neo-fascist groups who say they are waging "a political war".
Elections 01-03-2016

Germany’s top court weighs ban on far-right NPD party

Germany's highest court will  hear a landmark request on Tuesday (1 March) to ban a neo-Nazi fringe party, more than a decade after a first attempt failed.

Languages & Culture 24-08-2015

Swedish tolerance questioned as attacks on migrants rise

A series of attacks on beggars and Roma has highlighted a dark side to a country considered a bastion of tolerance, but where the far right has been gaining support by claiming society is under threat from immigrants.
[Blandine Le Cain/Flickr]
EU Elections 2014 09-10-2014

National Front renews hunt for European funding

After failing to form a group in the European Parliament, Marine Le Pen's National Front will seek EU funding by forming a new European political party. EURACTIV France reports.
Global Europe 26-06-2014

Russia counts on EU ‘friends’ to avert further sanctions

Russia has stepped up its efforts to consolidate ties with governments and forces in EU countries sympathetic to Moscow, for historic or economic reasons, or both. The EURACTIV network reports.
Elections 04-10-2013

Golden Dawn case opens up Pandora’s box in Greek politics

The handling of the case against Greek far-right party the Golden Dawn has divided the coalition government and triggered a war of words between the centre-right New Democracy and the left-wing opposition party Syriza. EURACTIV Greece reports.
Elections 30-09-2013

Greek justice hits neo-Nazi ‘Golden Dawn’

The leader of Greece's far-right Golden Dawn party and four more of its lawmakers will appear in court on tomorrow (1 October) to enter pleas on charges of belonging to a criminal organisation after being arrested following the killing of an anti-fascist rapper.

Rise of Golden Dawn: A presage of doom?

As Europe turns a blind eye to the immigration crisis, many impoverished foreigners find themselves trapped in an economically crippled country that can't sustain them, says Hatef Mokhtar.
Elections 22-01-2013

Council of Europe wants ‘racist and anti-semitic’ members ousted

The parliamentary assembly of the Strasbourg-based Council of Europe is considering a  ban on some of its far-right members if they are affiliated with parties that are “neo-Nazi, racist and anti-Semitic".
Technology 09-05-2012

Media freedom sinks as crisis bites

Journalism has become the worst choice for a career, with bad pay, long hours and enormous stress, said MEP Doris Pack, who strongly pleaded for public funding to help save the media as a pillar for democracy.
Elections 07-05-2012

Anti-austerity vote heralds instability in Greece

Greeks angry at years of austerity shrugged off the risk of a eurozone exit and punished their ruling parties, which failed to win enough votes to form a ruling coalition in yesterday's (6 May) election. Analysts say the fragmentation of the vote augurs instability and probably another election in June.