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Cybersecurity 09-05-2018

First EU cybersecurity law takes effect—with new fines for misbehaving companies

The first EU cybersecurity law went into effect on Wednesday (9 March), as negotiators continue to hammer out details of a second bill that will create even more rules in the area.
Digital & Media 01-04-2015

Cyber security directive held up in face of ‘Wild West’ Internet

Disagreements between member states are holding up proposals for pan-European cyber security rules, whilst experts warn that the threat from an anarchic Internet is increasing.
Digital & Media 28-05-2008

EU Internet agency urges action to avoid ‘digital 9/11’

Cyber threats need to be tackled more vigorously by member states in order to preserve the European economy, said Europe's internet security agency as it showcased its achievements in Brussels on 27 May.
Digital & Media 09-04-2008

Commission eyes common cyber defences

The European Commission is exploring ways to strengthen Europe's common cyber defences and will present new plans at the beginning of 2009, announced Information Society Commissioner Viviane Reding.
Digital & Media 04-04-2008

NATO agrees common approach to cyber defence

Leaders of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation have endorsed a common policy on cyber defence at their summit in Bucharest, agreeing to set up a new authority that will coordinate NATO's "political and technical" reactions to cyber attacks.
Digital & Media 21-11-2003

Cyber security agency given green light by Council

A day after the vote in the EP, the Telecoms Council on 20 November approved plans to set up a European Network and Information Security Agency.
Digital & Media 06-06-2003

Ministers approve plans for European Network and Information Security Agency

The Telecommunications Council agreed on 5 June to set up a European Network and Information Security Agency.

Parliament adopts Resolution on network and information security

On 22 October the Parliament adopted a Resolution on the Commission Communication on 'Network and information security: proposal for a European policy approach'.