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Digital 26-04-2016

Commission wants member states to trust each other more on cybersecurity

EU countries diluted new rules regulating information-sharing on cybersecurity breaches, a top European Commission official said today (26 April), which made it impossible to monitor hackers' assaults on member states' critical infrastructure.
European Commission Vice President Andrus Ansip
Digital 08-12-2015

EU lawmakers, countries agree on cybersecurity law

EU lawmakers and member states on Monday (7 November) struck a deal on the bloc's first broad cybersecurity law to affect multiple industry sectors.
Digital 17-03-2015

Oettinger calls for ‘Europeanisation’ of digital policy

The European Union is the largest single market in the world, but it still consists of 28 fragmented digital markets, a structure Digital Commissioner Günther Oettinger hopes to transform into a “Digital Union of Europe." EURACTIV Germany reports.
Euro & Finance 28-01-2010

Zafar: Banks need to outsmart criminals

As banking migrates to the Internet, so too does payment fraud. Banks will have to be one step ahead of organised criminals to protect online payments, argues security expert Samee Zafar. EURACTIV spoke to the banking security expert, who has been advising banks in the City of London on the EU's Payments Services Directive (PSD), which is expected to boost online payments.
Digital 28-05-2008

EU Internet agency urges action to avoid ‘digital 9/11’

Cyber threats need to be tackled more vigorously by member states in order to preserve the European economy, said Europe's internet security agency as it showcased its achievements in Brussels on 27 May.
Digital 09-04-2008

Commission eyes common cyber defences

The European Commission is exploring ways to strengthen Europe's common cyber defences and will present new plans at the beginning of 2009, announced Information Society Commissioner Viviane Reding.
Digital 06-03-2008

MEPs assess future security tasks of new EU Telecoms watchdog

The EU's proposed Telecoms authority should be responsible for the security of communication networks, which face a growing number of attacks in an area where Europe is not yet well protected. This is the argument of Information Society Commissioner Viviane Reding, who yesterday defended her proposal against new critics in the EPP-ED Group, Parliament's largest political group.
Digital 13-02-2008

NATO to strengthen cyber defence role

The military alliance has agreed to set up a new body to coordinate responses to cyber attacks carried out against its members and gather intelligence to prevent them from happening in the future, a NATO official said.
Digital 17-09-2007

Internet Security

Security in the online world is essential for the internet to realise its economic potential - but experts agree that there is no simple solution to a problem that has multiple dimensions: technological, societal, economic and psychological.
Digital 28-10-2003

Council endorses MODINIS Programme

On 27 October, the Council adopted the Parliament's compromise amendment to the proposal for a Decision on finalising the MODINIS Programme.
Digital 09-10-2003

Information Security Agency: EP Committee wants more public involvement

On 7 October, the Parliament's Industry Committee approved with amendments a proposal to establish a European Network and Information Security Agency.
Digital 25-01-2003

Parliament Committee endorses Modinis programme

The Parliament's Industry and Research Committee adopted on 23 January 2003 the report by Imelda Read on the multi-annual Modinis programme to monitor eEurope and network security.

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