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Digital 07-12-2015

INFOGRAPHIC: New GSMA study: European economy boosted by 4G investments

Realising a genuine Digital Single Market will require increased investment and innovation, first and foremost in digital networks. Investing in mobile networks and meeting the goal of digitalising everything is key to realising its potential.
Digital 03-07-2014

Commission cuts mobile roaming charge: one step closer to abolishment

Europeans can now telephone and browse the web at lower costs while abroad. On 1 July, web browsing costs were halved and calling costs were cut by a quarter. EURACTIV France reports.
Energy 27-02-2013

Electricity infrastructure: More border crossings or a borderless Europe?

Europe needs a bold step towards independent energy network operation and planning to increase the reliability and enable a borderless European electricity market that integrates renewables, writes Georg Zachmann.

Liberalising networks benefited Europeans, Commission says

The market opening of network industries, such as telecommunications, transport and energy has benefited consumers by putting pressure on service providers to keep their costs and prices down, according to a report by the European Commission.
Digital 30-01-2006

On the technology, business models and regulatory aspects of NGN

This report by the European Telecommunications Platform looks at the changes telecommunication and internet markets will undergo as a result of Next-Generation Networks.