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Enlargement 08-10-2018

After ‘failing a referendum’, who gets to use the name ‘Macedonia’?

Following the recent setback in the referendum held in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev’s decision to proceed with new elections might be the only way forward, writes Neophytos Loizides.
EU Elections 2019 12-09-2018

Greece’s New Democracy leader says Article 7 on Hungary should be activated

Greece’s centre-right New Democracy party said yesterday (12 September) that it would vote in favour of the Sargentini report on activating Article 7 against Hungary.
Elections 31-07-2018

Greek opposition hits at Tsipras over wildfires: ‘How do you sleep?’

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras accused the opposition today (31 July) of exploiting one of the country’s worst ever natural disasters for saying ministers should resign over the deaths of at least 91 people in a fire.

Greek PM Tsipras faces fierce criticism over handling of wildfires disaster

Greece this weekend buried the victims of a devastating wildfire near Athens which killed at least 91 people, and has prompted criticism of the government's handling of the disaster.
Enlargement 13-06-2018

End of Macedonia’s name dispute opens road to EU talks and NATO membership

Macedonia and Greece yesterday (12 June) resolved a nearly three-decade row by agreeing to the name Republic of North Macedonia, opening the road for the landlocked country to start EU accession talks and to join NATO. Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran...
Africa 15-02-2018

Now is the time to support Tunisia’s fragile democracy

Tunisia is at a turning point, which makes now the perfect time to support its vibrant but fragile democracy and turn it into one of Europe's strongest allies in the region, write Frédérique Ries and Fulvio Martusciello.
Elections 12-01-2016

Mitsotakis’ victory puts Greek politics to the test

The ascenscion of liberal Kyriakos Mitsotakis to the New Democracy party's leadership has shaken Greece's fragile political landscape. EURACTIV Greece reports.
Elections 11-01-2016

Another Mitsotakis to lead Greece’s New Democracy

No-nonsense reformer Kyriakos Mitsotakis, son of a former prime minister, yesterday (10 January) beat the odds to become the new leader of Greece's conservative New Democracy party after winning a nationwide vote.
Euro & Finance 05-01-2016

Greece’s proposed pension reforms get no backing from opposition

Greece's leftist-led government offered a reform plan for the country's pension system that would cut future benefits, with no backing from the political opposition, before talks with official lenders resume later this month.
Elections 15-09-2015

Greek leaders bicker over the next government in TV debate

In a heated television debate on Monday (14 September), Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras ruled out any cooperation with the conservative New Democracy party ahead of a crucial vote on Sunday (21 September).
Euro & Finance 10-09-2015

EU official: Greek bailout deal still open for fine tuning

The third bailout package agreed on by Athens and international lenders in July is still open for adjustment, a high-ranking eurozone official told journalists yesterday (9 September) ahead of a meeting of finance ministers in Luxembourg on Saturday (12 September).
Elections 03-09-2015

New Democracy overtakes Syriza ahead of 20 September election

Eighteen days ahead of snap elections, Greece's conservative opposition New Democracy party has for the first time taken a slender lead over the ruling left-wing Syriza, an opinion poll showed yesterday (2 September).
Elections 24-08-2015

Greek leftists to take government mandate amid early election row

A breakaway eurosceptic faction of Greece's Syriza party was to attempt to form a government Monday (24 August) as the country headed for a likely September 20 snap ballot.
Elections 21-08-2015

Tsipras resigns, calls for September election

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras resigned yesterday (20 August), hoping to strengthen his hold on power in snap elections after seven months in office in which he fought Greece's creditors for a better bailout deal but had to cave in.
Euro & Finance 14-07-2015

Tsipras faces Syriza revolt

Greece's leftwing Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras faces a showdown with rebels in his own party on Tuesday (14 July), furious at his capitulation to German demands for one of the most sweeping austerity packages ever demanded of a eurozone government.
Euro & Finance 10-07-2015

Greek parliament decides on Grexit tonight

A compromise for a third bailout, which would allow Greece, to stay in the eurozone, is within reach. It is now up to the Greek parliament to have the final word: if Greece stays in the euro, and in the Union, or if it leaves. The vote takes place tonight, 10 to 11 July.
Euro & Finance 09-07-2015

Centrist Potami party supports Tsipras

Greece's opposition parties are divided about ongoing negotiations between Athens and its creditors. Potami supports the Syriza-led government’s efforts, while New Democracy and Pasok are taking a hard line. EURACTIV Greece reports.
Elections 27-04-2015

Greek minister suggests early election as solution to impasse

The interior minister of cash-strapped Greece has raised the possibility of fresh elections to give Greeks the last word on the government's economic policy.
Euro & Finance 02-03-2015

Athens supports the Commission’s ‘soft hand’ on French deficit

For their own political reasons the Greek government seem to agree with the much-discussed new extension given by the European Commission to France to reduce its deficit below the established European limit of 3%. EURACTIV Greece reports.
Elections 18-02-2015

Juncker relieved by nomination of Pavlopoulos as Greece’s next President

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras nominated former conservative lawmaker and ex-Interior Minister Prokopis Pavlopoulos yesterday (17 February) to the country's presidency. This means that plans to change the Greek Commissioner are not on the table.
Elections 10-10-2014

Samaras calls confidence vote ahead of bailout exit talks

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras seeks a confidence vote today (10 October) to rally support for his plan to abandon a widely-reviled EU/IMF aid package and end mounting speculation that his government is on its last legs.
Stavros Theodorakis
Elections 14-04-2014

New party shakes Greek political scene

A newly established pro-European party intends to change the political balance in Greece ahead of EU elections in May. The new party, Potami (The River), has not decided yet to which European political family it will be affiliated, triggering tensions on the center-left. EURACTIV Greece reports.
Elections 12-04-2013

European Socialist leader urges Greek left parties to cooperate

Greece's Socialist party needs to cooperate with the members of the leftist Syriza coaltion for the creation of a future alliance, said Hannes Swoboda, leader of the Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament. EURACTIV Greece reports.
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Economy & Jobs 19-06-2012

G20 urges EU leaders to resolve euro crisis

World leaders on Monday urged Europe to resolve the current euro zone crisis that is threatening the world's economy. G20 members want the EU to act faster, after pro-bailout New Democracy's victory in Sunday's Greek election failed to calm the financial markets. President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso welcomed the election result and pushed Greek leaders to form a government quickly.