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EU outflanked by Asian rivals on green economy

Europe's stimulus spending on greening the economy is dwarfed by China's investment, with some EU countries diverting less than 2% of national recovery plans into sustainable industries. The disparity has sparked fears that 'green jobs' will migrate to Asia.
Future EU 14-04-2004

Kalniete and Balázs kick off EP’s new commissioner hearings

Two experienced diplomats kicked off the three-day series of hearings in the European Parliament, answering questions about CAP reform, the EU's finances and double majority voting.

EU economic recovery driven by external factors, employment still lagging

The Commission's Spring Economic Forecast expects the recent upward trend to continue in 2004. However, this development more is fuelled by global trade rather than domestic demand.
Euro & Finance 14-10-2003

UNICE: EU economy shows signs of recovery; competitiveness remains key

According to a UNICE survey, the EU's economic recovery is far too slow, and Member States are urged to renew their commitment to the Lisbon agenda.
Enlargement 26-11-2002

EBRD forecasts stronger growth in 2003 for candidate countries

The latest Transition Report published by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) predicts that economic growth in candidate countries will continue to outperform world output growth in 2003. The Report, released on 25 November 2002, forecasts output to grow to 4 per cent in 2003 after an expansion rate of 3.5 per cent in 2002.
Enlargement 09-07-2002

Study warns of slower growth in candidate countries

A new report by the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (WIIW) warns of slower growth and a decline in industrial production in the transition countries.
Enlargement 15-05-2002

EBRD predicts weaker growth in candidate countries

The countries of central and eastern Europe grew by 4.3 per cent in 2001, outperforming global economy, but their growth will weaken in 2002, according to the latest EBRD transition report.
Enlargement 06-05-2002

UNECE Economic Survey: Candidate countries escape the global slowdown

The 2002 Economic Survey of Europe, released by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) on 2 May, confirms that the candidates for EU membership have escaped the global slowdown.
Enlargement 25-04-2002

Commission forecasts 4 percent growth for candidate countries

The Commission forecasts a recovery of growth in the candidate countries in 2003 due to an expected return to normal.
Enlargement 17-04-2002

Commission calls on candidates to ensure macroeconomic and financial stability

A report on macroeconomic and financial sector stability in the candidate countries, released by the Commission on 16 April, calls on these countries to develop their own capacity for implementing permanent and continuous risk monitoring.
Enlargement 14-03-2002

Commission urges candidates to improve macroeconomic stability

The Commission has urged the candidate countries to strengthen their macroeconomic stability and financial sector capacity in order to cope with development.
Enlargement 28-02-2002

Candidate country economies expected to grow fast this year

The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (WIIW) forecasts 4 percent growth in Eastern Europe in 2002. Nevertheless, it will still take several generations before these countries catch up with the EU level of development.All candidate countries have resisted the global slowdown well, with the exception of Poland where unemployment rates are exploding, according to the WIIW study.
Enlargement 18-01-2002

Bank Austria: Candidates grow faster than EU

A new study, released by Bank Austria, says that the candidate countries will experience stronger economic growth than the EU.
Enlargement 22-11-2001

EBRD: Eastern Europe resists global slowdown

In its 2001 transition report, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) said that Central and Eastern European countries will register strong economic growth in 2001 despite the global slowdown. However, the report warns that the poor use of energy resources in Central and Eastern Europe hinders growth and hurts the environment.
Enlargement 22-11-2001

Commission forecasts weak growth in Europe

In its 2001-2003 economic forecast for the EU and the candidate countries, the European Commission has predicted slower growth this year, but an acceleration next year and a return to higher growth rates in 2003. According to the Commission's forecast, growth in the Central and Eastern European countries will be somewhat higher despite the deteriorating economic environment in Europe.

White paper on youth calls for more involvement in youth decision-making

The Commission urged young Europeans to get involved in European integration in its White Paper on Youth Policy, adopted on 21 November.
Euro & Finance 04-06-2001

Euro weakness on agenda of Euroland finance ministers

Finance ministers of the 12 Euroland countries will be meeting on Monday 4 June to discuss issues related to situation of euro
Enlargement 11-04-2001

OECD warns Poland on deficit and joblessness

OECD paints a bleak picture of Polish economy with surging unemployment and current account deficit while growth is contracting
Enlargement 31-01-2001

EU to import inflation from candidate countries

EU will have to deal with higher inflation rates when Central and Eastern European countries join
Enlargement 23-11-2000

EU economic forecasts published

Commission forecasts slowdown and higher inflation in the EU, strong growth and falling unemployment in the CEECs.
Enlargement 13-10-2000

UNICE: Enlargement to increase EU’s competitiveness

European business expressed strong support for enlargement.
Enlargement 20-09-2000

EU Commission to monitor candidates’ fiscal situation

Commission will launch fiscal surveillance mechanism for the candidate countries in 2001 to prepare the ground for their euro entry.
Enlargement 29-06-2000

Productivity in CEE region surging

A study by Bank Austria Creditanstalt shows that productivity of Central and East European countries is surging.
Enlargement 05-05-2000

German industry wants rapid enlargement

The Federal Association of the German Industry (BDI) called for a rapid enlargement. BDI Managing Director Ludolf von Wartenberg said that "a rapid EU enlargement offers great chances to German as well as European economy".