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  • Candidate country economies expected to grow fast this year

    News | Enlargement 28-02-2002

    The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (WIIW) forecasts 4 percent growth in Eastern Europe in 2002. Nevertheless, it will still take several generations before these countries catch up with the EU level of development.All candidate countries have resisted the global slowdown well, with the exception of Poland where unemployment rates are exploding, according to the WIIW study.

  • Virtual marketplaces in the chemicals sector: B2B turnover expanding strongly

    Opinion 24-01-2002

    Virtual marketplaces in the chemicals sector: B2B turnover expanding strongly (24 January 2002)   In the chemicals industry, virtual marketplaces are becoming increasingly important, alongside distribution through company portals. This demands stronger integration of internal business processes and optimisation of the supply …

  • Bank Austria: Candidates grow faster than EU

    News | Enlargement 18-01-2002

    A new study, released by Bank Austria, says that the candidate countries will experience stronger economic growth than the EU.

  • Structural convergence: growth lead still intact

    Opinion | Enlargement 01-01-2002

    Despite the uncertainties surrounding the global economy there are no strong indications so far that the process of real convergence among the accession countries will slow this year. The DB Research forecast puts GDP growth for the ten Central and Eastern European candidate countries …

  • With the euro in your hand…

    Opinion | Euro & Finance 20-12-2001

    With the euro in your hand... (6 December 2001) European Monetary Union (EMU) is a solid building, but there are still some things to be done in terms of interior design - both with regard to economic and currency policy and …

  • E-commerce and the WTO

    Opinion 13-12-2001

    E-commerce and the WTO (4 December 2001)   Electronic commerce is by nature a global phenomenon and thus also an issue for negotiation in the framework of the WTO, insofar as there is a need for regulation. However, despite its great potential, …

  • New economy in Europe – reality or mirage?

    Opinion 11-12-2001

    New economy in Europe - reality or mirage? (6 December 2001) From a macroeconomic perspective the term 'new economy' describes a phenomenon of persistent strong and low-inflation growth due to the large diffusion of information and communication technologies (ICT). This paper …

  • International capital markets of the future – the impact of the internet

    Opinion 11-12-2001

    International capital markets of the future - the impact of the internet (10 December 2001)   The internet is exercising a sustained influence on the international capital markets. Market activity has become more transparent and transaction costs have fallen. Electronic networks have …

  • EBRD: Eastern Europe resists global slowdown

    News | Enlargement 22-11-2001

    In its 2001 transition report, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) said that Central and Eastern European countries will register strong economic growth in 2001 despite the global slowdown. However, the report warns that the poor use of energy resources in Central and Eastern Europe hinders growth and hurts the environment.

  • Commission forecasts weak growth in Europe

    News | Enlargement 22-11-2001

    In its 2001-2003 economic forecast for the EU and the candidate countries, the European Commission has predicted slower growth this year, but an acceleration next year and a return to higher growth rates in 2003. According to the Commission's forecast, growth in the Central and Eastern European countries will be somewhat higher despite the deteriorating economic environment in Europe.

  • White paper on youth calls for more involvement in youth decision-making

    News 22-11-2001

    The Commission urged young Europeans to get involved in European integration in its White Paper on Youth Policy, adopted on 21 November.

  • Virtual marketplaces: big is beautiful (17 October 2001)

    Opinion 18-10-2001

    Companies believe that the use of virtual marketplaces - i.e. internet trading platforms - will behighly significantgoing forward. Surveys of German companies found that 68% intend to use virtual marketplaces in 2003. By 2004, approximately 30-50% of total online sales …