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Economy & Jobs 30-09-2019

Why don’t women benefit from international trade as much as men?

President-elect Ursula von der Leyen will be the first female Commission president. Not only that, but she has also succeeded in forming the first gender-balanced EU leadership team. Women are back on the EU's agenda, writes Cecilia Malmström.
EU Elections 2019 20-02-2019

What comes after the last chance Commission?

After nearly five years of Jean-Claude Juncker's 'last chance Commission', the EU still appears to be stumbling from one summit to the next. What comes next after May's European elections, asks Steven Blockmans.
Future EU 07-08-2014

Cluster model could help Juncker solve Commission puzzle

An influential think-tank’s proposal to streamline the European executive may hold the solution to incoming Commission President Jean Claude Juncker’s difficulties in apportioning jobs among his new team, writes Jeremy Fleming.
Giles Merritt [Friends of Europe/Flickr]

Juncker’s make-or-break presidency

The EU elections highlighted the “big picture” of the EU’s accelerating unpopularity, but was quickly eclipsed by the much smaller question of who should head the European Commission. Let's get back to the big questions: Europe's influence, EU bureaucracy and how to rule over the EU citizen, writes Giles Merritt.
EU Priorities 2020 01-07-2014

Ex-Commission officials: ‘reshape the EU executive’

As EU leaders ponder the shape of the next European Commission, a number of ex-Commission officials argue it is about more than just efficiency. Reshaping the Commission is key to fulfil the expectations of member states and citizens, they argue.
Jacques Delors
Future EU 16-05-2014

The European Union is an opportunity and a struggle

In an op-ed for EURACTIV, Jacques Delors and António Vitorino go back over the EU's struggles of the past five years - including the euro crisis and Russia - and chart the way forward for the next Commission and Parliament.