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Eberhard Rhein [Centrum für angewandte Politikforschung]
Europe's East 03-07-2014

EU must prepare for membership of Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia

Europe will soon be a dwarf lacking the leverage to weigh in world affairs. It is in the European interest to work on a long-term membership deal for the three, now associated, countries south of Russia, writes Eberhard Rhein.

Survey: Income inequalities remain high in enlarged EU

Europeans are generally satisfied with their quality of life, though considerable inequalities persist, particularly in new member states, according to a comprehensive pan-European survey published on 19 November.
Enlargement 25-09-2007

New members losing out on EU funds

The ten countries that joined in 2004 "must do better" to gain a larger share of EU funding, according to the Commission's 2006 budget report, which indicates that 'old' members still profit most from EU monies.
Euro & Finance 01-02-2007

The Euro’s First Steps into the East

This paper, prepared by Credit Suisse Economic Research, analyses the prospects for further expansion of the eurozone into the new member states and the possible timeframe in which this could occur.
Security 06-12-2006

Schengen enlargement tabled for end of 2007

Internal border controls will be dropped if new member states comply with all requirements.

New members lag behind on competitiveness

A report measuring the competitiveness of Europe’s regions and nations shows a large divide between West and East Europe, as new member states struggle to compete in international markets.
Enlargement 27-11-2006

Swiss referendum approves aid to new EU members

The Swiss have agreed to contribute one billion Swiss francs (around 630 million euro) to assist new member states. The EU has subsequently expressed its willingness further to develop its relations with Switzerland.
Climate change 02-11-2006

Analysis: ‘Environmental democracy’ – the gap between law and practice

The Access Initiative, a global coalition of public interest groups, carried out a report on comparative levels of ‘environmental democracy’ among a selection of central and east  European countries.
Enlargement 23-10-2006

Rating Romanian commissioner candidates

EURACTIV.ro analyses the outlook for the seven potential candidates to be nominated as Romanian commissioner, with an announcement expected during the coming weeks.
Enlargement 19-10-2006

Consultancy report: 2004 enlargement only ‘small shock’

A report by the consultancy Burson-Marsteller gave a positive account of the 2004 enlargement “big bang”, while public awareness is still lagging behind.
Enlargement 28-09-2006

World Bank recommends more inflationary and fiscal discipline for EU-8

The quarterly World Bank report gives numerous recommendations to stabilise the economy of EU-8 countries, but states that immigration from the new member states is not an issue.

Analysis: New Member States and the dependent elderly

This ENEPRI Research Report by Corinne Mette shows that elderly dependency is not yet a problem for the new member states, but is likely to be in the future.

New hotline on free movement

There is a need for more transparency on labour mobility in the EU. ECAS has launched a 'Free Movement Rights Hotline'.

Tax Wedge and Skills: Case of Poland in International Perspective

Researchers of the Centre for Social and Economic Research (CASE) analyse the impact of tax wedges on employment and find that the consequences of tax wedge might be devastating for low-skilled labour.
Euro & Finance 25-07-2006

Hungary raises interest rates in fear of inflation surge

Continued inflation raises doubt about Hungary's hopes of joining the euro zone in 2010.
Security 28-04-2006

Analysis: Bruegel on high-skilled immigration

Jakob von Weizsäcker (from the economic think tank Bruegel) analyzes European immigration patterns from a skills' level perspective, and introduces policy proposals for the EU to open up to highly qualified migrants.
Security 08-03-2006

Solana: “The world is not standing still”

With or without the Constitution the EU urgently needs to think about streamlining itself, says EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana in a interview with EURACTIV.sk
Enlargement 30-06-2005

New member states’ stock exchanges, one year after EU accession

In its special issue on financial markets, Revue Elargissement takes stock of the EU-10 states' stock exchanges.
Enlargement 22-06-2005

Quarterly forecast on the 8 new member states

The eight Central and Eastern European new member states of the EU (the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia) can expect fast economic growth in 2005 - although the rate of growth will be lower than in 2004, says a quarterly report published by the ICEG European Center. These countries can also look forward to improving macroeconomic stability while fiscal difficulties are bound to remain.
Future EU 21-06-2005

New member states sour about feuding summit

The absence of an EU budget for 2007-2013 could present a serious financial blow to the new member states. And yet it was they who were willing to go the extra mile during the summit debate. 
Enlargement 06-06-2005

New member states’ budgets: risks of wider deficits?

The publication, during the last few weeks, of the economic forecasts of the European Commission, the IMF and the World Bank updated the information already available in the Convergence Programmes (CP), published at the end of 2004 by the NMS, on the level of the public deficits expected this year, says this article in the latest issue of Revue Elargissement.
Enlargement 28-04-2005

Commission in uphill battle to meet EU-10 recruitment targets

One year after the EU’s latest round of enlargement, the Commission is struggling to meet its recruitment targets from the ten new member states.
Enlargement 22-04-2005

Speed of convergence and relocation – New EU member countries catching up with the old

In their working paper published by the Centre for European Policy StudiesKari E.O. Alho, Ville Kaitila  and Mika Widgrén create a dynamic, computable general equilibrium model to describe the economic convergence of the EU's new member states towards the EU-15.
Enlargement 15-04-2005

The teaching of modern languages in the NMS

The Eurydice network has just published the first study, funded by the European Commission, on the teaching of foreign languages in an enlarged Europe of 30 countries (25 Members of the EU, plus Bulgaria, Romania, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein). It uses the 2001-2002 figures, DREE Revue Elargissement reports.