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Climate change 04-09-2019

International negotiations to protect the high seas advancing at ‘snail’s pace’

The third session of negotiations on the preservation of marine biodiversity in the high seas held under a UN Intergovernmental Conference came to an end in New York on 30 August. However, negotiations only resulted in a framework for a future treaty. EURACTIV's partner le Journal de l'environnement reports.
Climate change 16-11-2017

America’s ‘other half’ steps up climate efforts

On Tuesday (14 November) at COP23, America’s “other half” presented its efforts to fight climate change in spite of the Trump administration’s decision to pull out of the Paris Agreement. 
Global Europe 19-09-2016

The Brief: ‘Flexible solidarity’ is Europe à la carte

Crack open the champagne. Not to celebrate the first ever edition of The Brief. Instead, salute the birth of ‘flexible solidarity’ – the latest, ghastliest example of EU indecision and doublespeak.
Climate change 14-06-2016

Europeans surrender control of climate initiative to Bloomberg

EXCLUSIVE / Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York, will be in the driving seat of a new global alliance of cities to tackle climate change, despite the EU having pioneered the idea of coordinating mayors to fight global warming.
Climate change 29-01-2016

Ban Ki-moon calls for clean energy investment to be doubled

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has called for global investment into clean energy to be doubled by 2020 in order to keep global temperature increases below 2 degrees Celsius, as set out in Paris. EURACTIV's partner edie.net reports.
Global Europe 15-01-2016

Thai junta must end enforced disappearances says rights group

The Thai military junta has been told to end its tolerance for ‘enforced disappearances’ by Human Rights Watch(HRW), the New York-based NGO.

Investigation launched against Facebook over hate speech

Hamburg's public prosecutor is examining a complaint against Facebook's senior managers over alleged incitement. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Development Policy 01-10-2015

German Africa envoy: Scepticism remains over SDG implementation

Günter Nooke, Angela Merkel's representative in Africa, has called for a rethink of international approaches towards Africa, in an interview with EURACTIV Germany.
Development Policy 29-09-2015

Spain not on track to reach development goals

Spain’s ability to achieve the targets of the Sustainable Development Goals has been assessed by a recent report. EURACTIV’s partner El País – Planeta Futuro reports.
EU Priorities 2020 28-09-2015

Spain’s King Felipe VI calls to eliminate ‘excesses’ of economic growth model

Spain's King Felipe VI, who is expected to deliver a speech in the European Parliament next week, called on Friday (25 September) to eliminate the "excesses" of the current model of growth, while preserving its strengths.
Global Europe 28-09-2015

UN Security Council reform back in the limelight

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has met with her Brazilian, Indian and Japanese counterparts to discuss the issue of permanent membership on the UN Security Council. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Development Policy 25-09-2015

2030 agenda for sustainable development: How relevant will it be?

The UN is set to pass a new agenda that is intended to apply for the next decade and a half. Imme Scholz asks whether this work programme be relevant for domestic political and social action in rich and poor countries alike.
Development Policy 25-09-2015

Germany seeks leading role in implementing SDGs

This weekend at a UN summit, ambitious new targets for reducing poverty are on the agenda for 2030. German Chancellor Angela Merkel wants Germany to be a front runner in the fight against hunger. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Trade & Society 13-05-2015

UN blasts EU for backing global deal for ISDS, but not for country bailouts

EXCLUSIVE / United Nations bosses have criticised the European Union for backing an international court where companies can sue countries, while blocking global rules to help bankrupt nations, such as Greece and Ukraine solve sovereign debt problems.
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Development Policy 23-10-2014

INFOGRAPHIC: Green Climate Fund – where is the money?

The Green Climate Fund, which is the UN’s main instrument to transfer money to developing countries, in order to assist them in countering climate change, was launched in 2009 with the aim of raising climate finance of $100 billion a year by 2020. A substantial amount is expected to be raised in the run-up to the 2015 climate summit in Paris.

Annick Girardin: ‘Climate refugees’ should come first

Climate change is not just about the environment. It is also about people. France's Minister for Development, in conversation with EURACTIV France, following this week's UN Climate Summit in New York.
Bernadette Ségol, general secretary of the ETUC. [ETUC CES/Flickr]
Climate change 22-09-2014

Climate change: Act for people, listen to science

Extreme weather events, including floods and storms, have driven growing numbers of Europeans from their homes. EU governments urgently need to take the lead in tackling the global threat of climate change, write Bernadette Ségol and Wendel Trio.