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Health 09-04-2018

EU’s energy intensive industries paid to pollute, says NGO

Instead of pursuing real decarbonisation plans, energy-intensive industry in the EU has managed to turn pollution into profit, Climate Action Network Europe said in a study published 9 April.
Transport 03-04-2018

International Maritime Organisation needs better governance, NGO says

The International Maritime Organisation has moved too slowly on drafting its greenhouse gas strategy and reducing emissions from shipping, Transparency International has warned, urging the global shipping regulator to improve its governance, transparency and efficiency.
Economy & Jobs 03-04-2018

EIB needs to commit to responsible taxation policy, NGO coalition says

On the second anniversary of the Panama Papers tax scandal, the European coalition of development and environmental non-governmental organisations Counter Balance calls the European Investment Bank (EIB) to develop a comprehensive and responsible taxation policy.
Development Policy 23-11-2015

How NGOs cooperate with local organisations on the ground in Syria

What are the best and most effective ways for international NGOs (non-government organisations) to partner with local organisations in conflict zones? Ensuring trust, writes Kimberly Howe.
Health 12-09-2013

Campaigner: ‘For the first time, the EU has power over national health budgets’

As the EU gains more power over national healthcare systems, the health debates in each country are still focused on national issues, says Monika Kosi?ska, from the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA), which launched a new think tank to deal with those issues.