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Brexit 08-02-2016

Seven steps to winning a referendum

Nicholas Whyte takes a journey back in time to previous referendums in order to consider whether the UK and EU can learn anything from the lessons of the past.
Andrew Duff
Brexit 19-11-2015

Making the Brexit deal ‘formal, legally-binding and irreversible’

If the heads of government want to placate Cameron, they can promise to change the treaty in the future, but such a promise will be neither legally-binding nor irreversible, writes Andrew Duff.
Future EU 26-06-2008

What next? How to save the Treaty of Lisbon

Most suggestions on how to proceed following the Irish 'no' vote on the Lisbon Treaty "entail considerable political costs" despite being legally feasible, argue Daniel Gros and Sebastian Kurpas of the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), instead proposing their own solution to the impasse.
Future EU 18-06-2008

Irish vote, Europe’s future: Four options after the ‘no’

In the aftermath of the Irish rejection of the Lisbon Treaty, Dominik Hierlemann considers four options for the future in a June 2008 paper for the Bertelsmannstiftung.
Enlargement 06-11-2002

Monitoring: a Cure for the “Democratic Deficit”

Monitoring: a Cure for the “Democratic Deficit” Widespread relief at the recent Irish Yes to Nice should not obscure the genuine concerns raised by their earlier No. One issue that emerged consistently during the debate was a profound uneasiness about...
Enlargement 21-10-2002

The timetable for enlargement

The timetable for enlargement The Irish referendum result has removed a major uncertainty in the enlargement process. The Nice treaty agreed in 2000 contains the key institutional principles for decision-making in a Union of 25 member-states: the number of votes...
Future EU 21-10-2002

Nice for the second time – auction completed

Nice for the second time – auction completed On Saturday the Irish voted for the second time in the referendum about the Treaty of Nice – and they have approved it. However we as a candidate country can feel comfortable...
Future EU 26-09-2002

What if they say no again? Implications of the Nice II referendum in Ireland

What if they say no again? Implications of the Nice II referendum in Ireland This autumn, European Union enlargement will at last enter its endgame, when 10 countries are due to complete negotiations for membership. Last-minute cliff-hangers on the budget...
Future EU 20-06-2002

Europe’s future is in Ireland’s hands

Europe’s future is in Ireland’s hands This autumn the newly elected Irish government faces the major challenge of holding a referendum on the Nice treaty. The point of that document, agreed in December 2000, is to change the EU’s institutions...
Enlargement 06-07-2001

Enlargement after Göteborg – false sense of security

Following the negative outcome of the Irish referendum on the Treaty of Nice, the heads of state and government have given a clear signal for the process of EU enlargement. Negotiations with the most successful candidate countries are to be...
Enlargement 05-07-2001

Scrutiny of the accession process – after the progress report and the Nice summit

The Nice summit and the publication of the progress report by the commission cast a new light on the two main aspects of the enlargement process, the EU’s readiness for enlargement and the candidates’ preparations. The results of the Nice...
Future EU 11-06-2001

The Treaty of Nice: Not Beautiful but It’ll Do

Summary After long and difficult negotiation, a Treaty was agreed at Nice in December 2000, concluding the Intergovernmental Conference convened to deal with the ‘left-overs’ from Amsterdam. There were criticisms of the conduct and tone of the discussions. Yet the...
Enlargement 11-06-2001

The lessons from Ireland’s “NO” to the Nice Treaty

By a majority of a few thousand votes – in a referendum poll which attracted only a 32 per cent turnout – the Irish people have rejected the Treaty of Nice. The result is a major rebuff to the Irish...