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The answer to Europe’s refugee crisis lies abroad

European nations will only be able to tackle the refugee crisis by working together and addressing the roots of the problem, writes Nicholas Rutherford.

How to turn awareness into action on disaster preparedness

The international response to the Nepal crisis is making a diference, but the future of sustainable development depends on minimising risks, rather than cleaning up after disasters, writes Nicholas Rutherford.
Medical staff working with Medecins sans Frontieres (MSF) prepare to bring food to patients kept in an isolation area at the MSF Ebola treatment centre in Kailahun July 20, 2014 [Photo: Reuters]
Development Policy 06-11-2014

Ebola: Creating the foundations for a cure

The European Commission’s recent pledge to fast track €24.4 million of emergency funding for Ebola research is a sterling example of what the EU can aspire to when it works together for the common good, writes Nicholas Rutherford.
Global Europe 10-07-2014

Aid to flooded Balkans is a model of EU solidarity

The recent devastating floods in Bosnia and Serbia have proved exactly what the EU can achieve on aid when its member states work together, writes Nicholas Rutherford, .
Development Policy 18-09-2013

We need holistic new MDGs after 2015

Big questions remain about what a successor agreement to the UN's Millennium Development Goals should look like, but any new approach must depart from policy silo's and take a more holistic and sustainable approach, argues Nicholas Rutherford