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Technology 05-05-2021

Facebook fears regulators’ competing demands for privacy, transparency

Facebook is in favour of more regulation but is concerned that platforms could be forced in "diametrically opposed directions" in terms of privacy and transparency requirements, Nick Clegg, the platform's vice president for global affairs, has said. EURACTIV France reports.
Media 22-01-2020

Facebook ‘on the side of free expression’ as EU steps up disinformation fight

Social media giant Facebook has warned against curtailing freedom of expression as the EU considers measures to clamp down on disinformation campaigns across online platforms.
Technology 03-12-2019

Facebook renews calls for EU regulation in ‘fight for the soul of the internet’

An ideological 'fight' is tacking place worldwide between those who want to restrict open access to the internet and those who want to maintain a free and open web within necessary regulatory frameworks, Facebook's VP for Global Affairs, Nick Clegg, has said.
Technology 24-06-2019

Clegg: Facebook to set up its own ‘court’ for content moderation

Facebook has plans to establish an independent oversight board "analogous to a court," that will have the power to make decisions on what content should be removed from the platform, the company's Head of Global Policy, Nick Clegg, announced on Monday (24 April).
Data protection 28-01-2019

Facebook doesn’t have all the answers, says Clegg, as social media giant clamps down on political ads

Facebook users looking to run paid-for political advertisements will be required to abide by a set of new rules in the run-up to the European elections, the head of the social media giant's global affairs Nick Clegg said on Monday (28 January).
Development Policy 09-11-2017

Nick Clegg warns of ‘lack of coherence’ in post-Brexit UK development action

Britain’s commitment to development spending will give way to short-term geopolitics as “Brexit points the UK towards a friendless future,” the country’s former Deputy PM Nick Clegg has warned.
Brexit 09-02-2017

UK’s Brexit bill overcomes another hurdle

British MPs overwhelmingly backed a bill yesterday (8 February) empowering Prime Minister Theresa May to start negotiations on leaving the European Union, bringing Brexit a significant step closer.
Brexit 01-12-2016

EU ambassadors claim Boris Johnson privately supports free movement

Britain's pro-Brexit foreign minister, Boris Johnson, has told at least four European Union ambassadors that he personally favours free movement with the bloc, UK media reported yesterday (30 November).
Brexit 04-10-2016

Clegg: May making ‘huge mistake’ with hard Brexit

British Prime Minister Theresa May is making a "huge mistake" by heading for a hard Brexit -- severing ties with the European single market, former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg told AFP on Tuesday (4 October).
Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg at the British Museum, 29 Jan. 2014 [Photo: Cabinet office, Flickr]
Brexit 17-03-2016

Clegg returns to Brussels to demand ‘clear answers’ from Brexit campaign

Former British deputy prime minister Nick Clegg returned to his first political home of Brussels on Wednesday (16 March) to challenge Brexiteers to come up with a “clear answer” on what would happen next to a UK that left the European Union.
Brexit 04-05-2015

Anti-EU Farage faces uncertain future in UK vote

Nigel Farage has turned the UK Independence Party (UKIP) into a national force, but is battling for his future in Thursday's general election, with commentators saying he has run out of steam.
Brexit 23-04-2015

Cameron: Operation Triton is a failure

Britain will ‘make a contribution’ to more search and rescue missions in the Mediterranean according to David Cameron, who admitted current policies “haven’t worked”.
Brexit 15-04-2015

Eyeing kingmaker role, Britain’s Liberal Democrats pitch manifesto

The Lib Dems will make their bid for a seat at the top table Wednesday (15 April) after May's national election, launching a centrist manifesto designed to win over swing voters and lay the groundwork for coalition talks. 
Brexit 06-04-2015

Farage predicts defections from Cameron’s Conservatives

Several lawmakers from British Prime Minister David Cameron's Conservatives will join the anti-EU UK Independence Party if he renews a coalition with the pro-EU Liberal Democrats, UKIP's leader Nigel Farage said.
Brexit 03-04-2015

Miliband edges out Cameron at UK television debate

The main television debate of Britain's national election campaign was held Thursday night (2 April). The event was staged less than six weeks before a close national election on 7 May.
Brexit 02-04-2015

UK set for seven-way election debate

Prime Minister David Cameron and opposition leader Ed Miliband face their one and only live television debate of the election campaign on Thursday (2 April), along with five others, in a seven-way contest.
Britain at a crossroads
Brexit 11-03-2015

Voting on Brexit: The EU issues shaping the UK election

The May 7 UK general election will go a long way towards deciding whether Britain will stay in the European Union, or choose to leave, after forty years of uneasy relations.
Brexit 05-03-2015

UK sells Eurostar stake

The British government has agreed to sell its 40% stake in Eurostar for a total of £757 million.

Commission unimpressed by Cameron’s immigration rhetoric

The European Commission has reacted calmly to a landmark speech by David Cameron on immigration delivered today (28 November), conveying the message that the UK Prime Minister's rhetoric is shaped by the electoral cycle, with the Tories struggling to contain the anti-EU UKIP party ahead of the May 2015 elections.
Brexit 06-10-2014

Lib Dems set coalition boundaries ahead of 2015 vote

The leader of Britain's Liberal Democrats, kingmakers at the 2010 election, said on Sunday (5 October) that they would refuse to form another coalition with Prime Minister David Cameron's Conservative party if it insists on pulling the country out of the European Court of Human Rights. The comments from Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg are the latest example of strains emerging in the more than four-year-old coalition as the two parties seek to differentiate themselves ahead of a national vote in seven months.
David Cameron speaks during a visit to Edinburgh, 10 September [Reuters]
Brexit 11-09-2014

Cameron begs Scots not to leave ‘UK family’

British Prime Minister David Cameron yesterday (10 September) begged Scots not to rip apart the United Kingdom's "family of nations", flying to Scotland to man the barricades against a surge in support for independence eight days before a referendum.
Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg visited F Company Scots Guards at their barracks in Central London, June 26, 2014 [Photo: Cabinet office/Flickr]
Sports 28-07-2014

Clegg backs calls to strip Russia of soccer World Cup

Russia should be stripped of the right to host the 2018 soccer World Cup unless President Vladimir Putin stops destabilising Ukraine, Britain's Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said on Sunday (27 July), as he warned the world would look weak if it did not act.
EU Elections 2014 20-05-2014

Clegg: Eurosceptics are ‘false patriots’

Politicians who want Britain to withdraw from the European Union are "false patriots" who act against Britain's national interests, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg will say in a speech on Tuesday.
Brexit 09-05-2014

Clegg warns ‘Brexit’ threat no way to negotiate EU reforms

Prime Minister David Cameron's plans to renegotiate Britain's ties with the European Union are wishful thinking and likely to yield only minor concessions that will not unite his governing Conservative party, his coalition partner will warn on Friday (9 May).