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  • Why a British exit is not inevitable

    Opinion | Brexit 18-04-2014

    Prospects of an in-out referendum on the United Kingdom's membership of the EU is not all doom and gloom: Charles Grant sees reasons both for welcoming the debate and for supporting a vote to stay in.

  • Farage wins BBC debate, on track for electoral gain

    News | Brexit 03-04-2014

    In an election debate on the BBC, eurosceptic leader Nigel Farage beat the liberal and pro-European Nick Clegg, with applause lines that Britain should “free itself” from the EU.

  • Lib Dems campaign pro-Europe, but fail to convince

    News | Brexit 27-03-2014

    Nick Clegg has sketched out a campaign strategy aiming to corner Britain's pro-European voters. But a face-off with eurosceptic Nigel Farage on Wednesday (26 March) demonstrated the limits of his vision.

  • Clegg suggests coalescing with Labour in 2015

    News | Brexit 17-02-2014

    Nick Clegg, the leader of the UK Liberal Democrats, the junior partner in Prime Minister David Cameron's coalition government, has hinted at forming a future coalition government with the Labour party after the 2015 election.

  • ALDE Party Congress 2013

     Video | Promoted content | EU Elections 2014 17-01-2014

    The ALDE Party has closed its 34th and most successful annual Congress, held this year in London, between 28 and 30 November 2013.


    A thousand delegates from across the European continent gathered in the British capital's iconic Canary Wharf complex in the heart of the business district to hear keynote speeches by party personalities, participate in fringe meetings and elect a new Bureau.


    ALDE is also the first European political party to adopt its manifesto for the 2014 elections -- with delegates voting over

  • Clegg attacks ‘illegal’ UK plan to rein in EU workers

    News | Brexit 17-12-2013

    Prime Minister David Cameron's plan to reshape Britain's ties with the European Union has opened a rift with his junior coalition partner who on Monday (16 December) accused his party of promoting illegal and economically disastrous reforms.

  • Watson: New drivers for more EU integration will come from outside the Union

    Interview | EU Elections 2014 28-11-2013

    The drive for further European integration is not coming from within, it is coming from what is happening in the world outside, from the centripetal forces of globalisation, said European liberals leader Graham Watson, lamenting the lack of vision of European leaders today.

  • Nick Clegg calls Cameron’s EU course ‘suicidal’

    News | Brexit 08-10-2013

    Prime Minister David Cameron's promise to reform Britain's relations with the European Union is an ill-fated attempt to unite his party that could lead to the "economic suicide" of withdrawal from the bloc, his deputy will say today (8 October).

  • UK coalition under strain over parliamentary reform

    News | Elections 07-08-2012

    Britain's coalition government suffered its worst crisis to date on Monday when the junior partner in the two-party administration rebelled after its ally in power, the Conservatives, killed its plans to reform the House of Lords.

  • Cameron’s EU veto rattles UK coalition

    News | Brexit 12-12-2011

    British Prime Minister David Cameron is grappling with a major row within in his Conservative-led coalition as his Liberal Democrat partner blasted his veto of an EU treaty aimed at tightening fiscal rules for countries using the euro.

  • UK Liberal Democrats lose elections, referendum

    News | Brexit 06-05-2011

    Nick Clegg's Liberal Democrats appear to have been big losers in local elections and a referendum on voting reform held yesterday (5 May). Early results show a surge in support for the Scottish National Party in Scotland, which could pave the way for a referendum on Scottish independence.

  • EU hoists its sails as Arab winds of change grow stronger

    News | Brexit 03-03-2011

    Ahead of a special EU summit on Libya and the South Mediterranean next week, European Commission President José Manuel Barroso described the unfolding events as "a rendez-vous with history". Hours later, UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg spoke of "the biggest geopolitical event of the last decade".

  • Tories set for clash with EU on banking laws

    News | Brexit 12-05-2010

    A number of decisions taken on Monday (10 May) by the European Parliament's economics committee to strengthen the EU's financial supervision powers will likely rile Britain's newly-appointed Conservative-led coalition government, argue onlookers.

  • Lib Dem leader: Nothing beats face-to-face politics

    Interview | Public Affairs 15-12-2008

    UK Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg spoke to EURACTIV in an interview about his party's aim to knock on a million doors in the country ahead of next year's European elections. He also spoke of his belief that a return to face-to-face politics, combined with innovative campaign technologies, can combat growing political apathy among voters.