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EU Priorities 2020 22-05-2013

Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades arrives at the May 2013 EU Summit

On his arrival at the May 2013 EU Council, Cyprus president Nicos Anastasiades said that Europe needs “tax policies that will encourage growth'. EU leaders met today to discuss how to lower energy prices and improve industrial competitiveness, at a time when other developed countries are rushing to invest in shale gas. Second issue on the agenda is tax evasion, which every year deprives EU governments of roughly €1 trillion.
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Economy & Jobs 18-03-2013

Cyprus delays vote on EU bailout, Putin calls plan ‘dangerous’

Cyprus' parliament has delayed a crucial vote until Tuesday about a controversial bailout deal reached by the EU and the IMF at the weekend. The newly-elected center-right president Nicos Anastasiades presented the deal as the only solution possible to avoid bankrapci and is currently seeking support from other political parties to ratify the agreement. He has already promised to soften the conditions for small savers.
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Euro & Finance 18-03-2013

EU bailout for Cyprus approved

Breaking with previous EU practice that depositors' savings are sacrosanct, Cyprus and international lenders agreed at the weekend that savers in the island's outsized banking system would take a hit in return for the offer of €10 billion in aid. The decision to introduce levies on deposits are 9.9% for those exceeding €100,000 and 6.7% on anything below that, according to the bailout agreement, announced on Saturday morning.